Jan 1, 2019

100th Incarnation Month of Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj

January 2019, marks the 100th Incarnation Month of True Master, Rev. Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj, and a DSS Follower cannot wait to kick-start the celebrations. His Holiness emancipated lacs of souls and brought them out of the clutches of Satan, with his divine grace.

Souls are indebted to the divine Master who worked day and night to spread the message of peace and humanity. His Sermons are showing the path to Millions today and other lakhs are serving humanity. Such is the dedication to serve humanity that these volunteers forget their own-selves in their mission to bring relief to others. They have been moving steadfastly on the path of humanity and following every single message given by true Master.

True Master's Sermons " Hum they, Hum Hain, Hum hee rahenge  ", for the first time removed all doubts in the followers. Thus, giving immense faith and confidence to his loving children.

Celebrations By DSS Volunteers |  100th Incarnation Month

Volunteers celebrate the entire January month doing maximum devotion and serving Society, with their utmost efforts, passion, and dedication. Volunteers minds are hogged with thoughts relating to service only.

Call it the grace of true Master, that in the age of selfishness and materialistic tendencies, these volunteers only think about how to help others. Leaving aside barriers of caste, creed, and religion, their prayers are for the wellbeing of Society, their acts for the betterment of their neighborhoods and their feet firmly move ahead only on the path of humanity.

Patients for various diseases are provided by free screenings in the medical camps organized  at DSS, Sirsa every month. It is indeed a life worth living, and these followers are thankful every bit to their Master Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, for his immense grace and such exceptional teachings. Followers from all across the Globe visit Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa, to celebrate the Incarnation of truest Master Rev. Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj.