Shah Satnam Ji Girl’s School Hostel

Having 450 rooms looking like a heart and a wreck where 1000 understudies can have a supper together.

By the grace and benevolence of Murshid-E-Kamil, in Shah Satnam Ji Girl’s Hostel, 450 rooms each shaped like a heart were constructed in short period of 42 days. Not only the lay persons but even experienced Civil engineers are surprised by this astounding feat. To construct this building in this miniscule time span of 42 days instead of 6 or 7 years, is in no way less than a world record.
All the rooms are well equipped with modern facilities. On the top of this marvellous three-storeyed building there is an attractive water-tank in the shape of a lotus upon which a statue of an angelic cherub stands.
There are two large study rooms-cum-halls for providing peaceful environs to the students for reading. A well equipped and well furnished dining hall where 1000 students can have their meals together is also present. To cool the overhead water tanks, a unique lift of its own kind has been fabricated by which even the large blocks of ice can be hauled up to the top. In this picture we can see a panoramic view of Shah Satnam Ji Girl’s Hostel from outside.