Humanitarian assistance in natural disasters.

Help For Helpless

Whenever nature has unleashed its horrors upon humanity, Dera Sacha Sauda has risen to the challenge and helped people in distress. Dera Sacha Sauda has acted as a balm on every such injury inflicted upon mankind. His Holiness’s pious utterances are a salve to help the wounded souls that are in distress and they give hope and sustenance to those that remain following the cataclysms.

Owing to His Holiness’s moral support people are able to start afresh with self-confidence, forbearance and the will to live. The positive view of life even amidst the ruins and destruction becomes clear when His Holiness teaches them the true meditation.

His Holiness has acted for the entire humanity; whether it is people trapped under the debris, or helping people mired in poverty.

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