Construction of Salabatpura Ashram

On 24th November, 1999, Guruji arrived at Salabatpura at 4 p.m. The same day, the foundation stone was laid at 6:40 p.m. with Guruji’s blessed hands. A Satsang ‘shed’ covering approximately 40000 sq. feet was erected in merely three days.
There were 600 expert artisans and over 12000 volunteers helping out. When the need for expansion was felt, on 8th September, 2003 various other conveniences for the sangat including a 503 feet x 50 feet community kitchen (Langar Ghar), two hall measuring 31.50 x 50 feet and a water tank with a capacity of 6 lac cubic feet. In this mega construction, 1400 expert artisans from Punjab & Haryana participated. There was such an overwhelming spillover of volunteers that thousands had to be returned home. This mammoth task was completed in merely 4½ days and dedicated to the members. Not only that the complex including the kitchen were functional and usable by days 5 and 6.