Mobile Hospital – Farishta

The world’s smallest hospital capable of providing comprehensive preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical services.

Realizing the need of remote areas, World’s smallest mobile hospital Farishta was conceived to provide almost the same spectrum of facilities as a general hospital. This was designed and dedicated to humanity by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan . Farishta has been started to provide free outreach medical services of Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospitals. Experienced doctors provide free medical services to the rural areas of Sirsa using Farishta Mobile Hospital. This also has a capacity to carry medical staff apart from the equipments. It is multifunctional since it provides the entire array of services ranging from Operation theatre to labour room and even ICU or dental chair. In the last few years, more than forty thousands patients have been benefitted with free medical services by these two Mobile Hospitals. Farishta Mobile Hospital organized 14 Medical Camps in Sirsa, in which 8,547 patients were checked up in 2008 and 22,072 patients in the year 2009 . This increased to over 25,000 patients in 2010 .

Some focused features
  • This Tata 407 based Mobile hospital is designed and fabricated in Dera Sacha Sauda Personally by Guruji. It is designed to be small in size so that inconvenience may not occur in taking it to remote and inaccessible areas and it reaches its destination without any delay.
  • This mobile hospital is well fitted with the facilities of X-ray, ECG, Nebulizer, Autoclave Lab, Ultrasound, Dialysis, Anesthesia Machine, Water tank, Air Conditioner, Generator, Keratometer, Refrigerator and full range of medicines.
  • This Mobile Hospital has been recorded in the Limca Book of records.


The Little Angel

Nanha Farishta The modification of previous existing Farishta. While utilizing the facilities of Shah Satnam Ji Mobile Hospital Farishta. The doctors and the managers felt the need of modification over the existing Mobile Hospital. The speed of Tata 407 based mobile unit was limited, so the rescue could not reach the targeted places of services in time. So with the grace and technical guidance of our revered Guru Ji Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, Shah Satnam Ji Mobile Hospital ( Nanha Farishta ) was mounted on Trax cruiser vehicle with all the existing and above mentioned facilities and additional facilities of multi parameter, deferbrilator, thus equipping this mobile hospital to be used as outdoor patient department with medical store, labour room, operation theatre and intensive care unit.

The world’s smallest comprehensive mobile hospital including an on board operating theatre has been designed by Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji. This patented invention includes facilities to do X-Ray, Ultrasound, On board surgery, etc in a fully functional operating suite.

“Nanha Farishta Mobile Hospital” – the hospital still got smaller!!! Presently the smallest Mobile Hospital in the World also feels honored to be one of the graceful creations of Guruji. Holding of regular free medical camps in rural areas.