Jan 25, 2021

102nd Incarnation Day Celebrations of Revered Saint Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj!

This earth witnessed the arrival of true saints ofttimes who worked selflessly to uplift humanity. They made man realized that only the human body is capable to experience Almighty's love and attain His glimpses too. To teach people the true purpose of living and escort them at every step, Revered Saint Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj took birth in human embodiment at Sri Jalalana Sahib Ji, on January 25, 1919. The whole life of Guruji admirably delineated how saints incarnate on the earth with the sole purpose of welfare of mankind! This year 102nd incarnation day of Rev. Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj was celebrated with welfare by Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers worldwide. Guruji paved the way for millions by manifesting the best example of compassion, love, and generosity. Guruji's teachings are showcasing the right path to living life and disciples are wholeheartedly following it and setting milestones in the outer world.

To liberate souls from Karmic Cycle, Almighty sends heavenly Messengers who take birth, live like a human and manifest path to salvation & eternal abode

We got that messenger in the face of Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj who brought out the darkness of ignorance and introduced the light of knowledge. His guidance helped people to leave vices and attain treasures of happiness right away whoever implemented it in their lives. One can't ever pay pack to Spiritual Master who blessed him with true method of meditation and salvaged from the cages of birth & death. Disciples Embraced Divine Way of Celebrations by Welfare and Again Set an Unparagoned Example! Disciples stay ever-ready to celebrate their special days by doing welfare works and give an incomparable example of selfless services to the world. But when pious incarnation day of Spiritual Master arrives who taught such lessons of humanity and infused generosity, compassion, and selflessness in veins then the passion of celebrations by welfare automatically multiplies. Throwback to our centenary incarnation day celebrations 100th Birthday of Reverend Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj. To celebrate the incarnation day, followers carry on welfare works on a global level. They initiate the day by singing hymns for acknowledging Almighty for blessing with such a benevolent saint who taught lessons of humanity so benignly and compassionately. Every disciple follows the humanitarian path as shown by Guruji and remains always up to carry on 137 welfare works initiated by Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan worldwide. Thanks to His Highness for teaching divine ways of celebrations and infusing courage among disciples to carry on such works wholeheartedly. It is by walking on the teachings of Guruji that disciples are striking hard to help the needy and spreading the light in their dark lives. Words fall short in conveying thanks to such a spiritual master who taught key humanitarian lessons and made everyone walk on them with all their might! Salutations and accolades!