Jan 27, 2024

105th Holy Incarnation Day of Revered Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj- The Day Brimmed of Guru’s Benevolence, Spiritual Joy, and Celebrations | MSG Bhandara Special

Saints descend on Earth to save the lost and tormented souls from the shackles of evil. These messengers of God arrive as humans but are descended on the divine’s decree. In the history of spirituality, such moments are bound to arrive when the Almighty sends his messenger to curb negativity & evils and save souls from the cycle of birth & death. 

It was the divine day of the incarnation of Revered Param Pitaji, the messenger of God for whom people were worshipping for long. On 25th January 1919, when revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj incarnated in the village of Shri Jalalana Sahib in Sirsa, the entire world was filled with his radiance. 

Blessed are the parents Respected Mother Aas Kaur Ji and Father Varyam Singh Ji, blessed are the sky and the pious land that got blessed with the first pious glimpse of Revered Param Pitaji. Bringing forth the sacred message of the divine, His Holiness brought blessedness all around. 

Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj belonged to the Sidhu lineage. The respected father of Guruji was a landlord in the village of Jalanana Sahib. His Holiness was born to Mata Aas Kaur Ji after 18 years of prayers and supplication. 

An Exemplary Life Dedicated to Humanity

His Holiness Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj led an exemplary life dedicated to the welfare and service of humanity. From his early childhood, he selflessly assisted and supported people. His entire life is marked by profound incidents that defy description.

How could a young child conceive and execute such benevolent acts? It is a matter of spirituality beyond words! From childhood, the instances of Guruji’s kindness send shivers down the spine of everyone who hears them. On one occasion, a classmate of Param Pita Ji from Gadrana fell ill. Since none of their classmates had a bicycle, Param Pita Ji sought the teacher's permission and personally rode his bicycle to take his ailing classmate to the doctor. 

During the medical examination, the doctor questioned whether these kids had the means to pay for his services. Without hesitation, Param Pita Ji took out money from his pocket and settled the doctor's fee. This left the doctor astonished that a child not only assisted his classmate by cycling him all the way from school but also possessed the insight to grasp the situation and understand his thoughts.

Although Param Pita Ji's classmate improved, His Holiness took it upon himself to ensure that his friend reached home in Gadrana safely before returning to Jalalana Sahib. The following day, the school principal commended Param Pita Ji and encouraged other children to draw inspiration from him. Such an ability to comprehend and act is nearly impossible to possess at such a tender age.

 Similarly, once, a villager approached Param Pita Ji's residence seeking a loan of Rs. 100 from Mata Aas Kaur Ji to purchase a camel for his farm. Revered Param Pita Ji, while granting the man Rs. 100, assured him that if he ever needed assistance, he should not hesitate to seek it. This trait of serving others had been ingrained in Param Pita Ji since his childhood.

His holiness extended his care not only to humans but also harbored boundless love for animals. On another occasion, a villager approached Mata Ji and lodged a complaint against Param Pita Ji. The villager claimed that Param Pita Ji allowed a bull to freely graze in the fields, consuming crops and causing harm. Responding to the complaint, Mata Ji instructed Param Pita Ji to prevent the bull from grazing in the fields.

The following day, when Param Pita Ji encountered the bull, he humorously remarked, "Dear, someone has complained about us to Mata Ji. Henceforth, do not confine yourself to a single field; instead, graze equally from all the fields." His holiness, possessing a divine aura, conveyed his command to the animal, and the bull obediently followed the directive. Residents of Shri Jalalana Sahib narrate how the bull adhered to Param Pita Ji's order, grazing evenly across all fields until its demise. 

The Divine Moment When Radiance Met Radiance

Param Pita Ji embarked on a quest to find God, and destiny led him to Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj as his spiritual master. Though Sai Ji, with divine grace, knew that Param Pita Ji was his successor, saints refrained from revealing such matters until it aligned with God's will. Thus, Sai Ji kept this knowledge to himself, but a particular incident served as a subtle sign for those who believed.

During a spiritual discourse in the village of Gadrana, Sai Mastana Ji Maharaj pointed to footprints in the sand, declaring to the servitors, "Come, let us show you the Lord's Feet (Rabb di ped)." Among the servitors was someone who recognized Param Pita Ji, and he responded, "These footprints belong to the Jaildar of Shri Jalalana Saheb, Sardar Harbans Singh Ji (the childhood name of revered Param Pita Ji)." Sai Ji, undeterred, marked the footprints again and stated, "We don't know about that. All we know is that these are God's feet. God has walked through this path."

Before unveiling the true identity of the master to the world, numerous rigorous tests were conducted, and Revered Param Pitaji exemplified sacrifice and commitment by successfully completing them. In one instance, Sai Ji instructed Param Pitaji to dismantle his home with his own hands and then come to the Ashram. Without hesitation, Param Pitaji dismantled his entire home and transported its materials to Sirsa, inside Mastana Ji Dham. But still, the test was pending! 

It was the day of the month’s last Satsang. Late at night on Saturday, revered Sai Ji came out and, upon seeing a huge pile of belongings in the Dera, commanded, "Whose belongings are these? Take them out immediately. What will we say if someone comes and asks us? Whoever these belongings belong to, take charge of your own belongings."

The weather was intensely cold, with drizzles and cool gusts from above. Revered Param Pitaji, sitting under the open sky next to belongings all night, endured the harsh weather. As soon as morning arrived, He personally distributed all the belongings among the gathered devotees. Through these tests, revered Sai Ji thoroughly examined Param Pitaji and one day, revealing the reality among the sevadars, remarked, "We tested Harbans Singh Ji, but did not let him know."

On February 28, 1960, Param Pitaji was blessed with the pious Gurugaddi (handed over with the reign of Dear Sacha Sauda), signifying his selection as the next successor of Dera Sacha Sauda. Sai Ji orchestrated the event grandly, sharing the divine ceremony with the world and gracefully fulfilling the seekers' quests.

Initiation of Several Initiatives to Combat Social Evils

Throughout history, it has been observed that when spiritual leaders emerge, they actively strive to eradicate social ills. His Holiness has been instrumental in abolishing various societal evils, steering humanity towards goodness and compassion.

His Holiness introduced a groundbreaking practice of conducting dowry-free marriages. During that period, the prevalence of dowry posed a significant threat, claiming numerous lives. Speaking out against social injustices requires immense courage and conviction. However, saints incarnate on Earth with the primary purpose of alleviating people's burdens, fostering a connection with the divine, and guiding them toward salvation.

Subsequently, His Holiness inaugurated the ritual of 'Braham Vivah,' where marriages were solemnized in the presence of true spiritual master, Param Pitaji, and couples exchanged garlands. This innovative approach ensured the completion of the ritual without the inclusion of dowries or any other materialistic elements.

Thus, couples from diverse religious and caste backgrounds could unite harmoniously in the presence of the true Guru. Besides this, His Holiness connected people with the divine and saved them from the menace of drugs.  

Param Pitaji also devised new games for the selfless devotees, recognizing the importance of games for maintaining good health. Additionally, he established numerous Dera Ashrams across the nation, serving as gathering places for devotees to join together in singing praises to the Lord.

In 30 years, Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj conducted thousands of spiritual discourses

To deliver the sacred teachings of Dera Sacha Sauda to people far and wide, Revered Guruji conducted several Satsangs. Throughout this period, His Holiness tirelessly traveled day and night, conducting numerous congregations in villages, towns, and cities across states such as Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi. His efforts resulted in the redemption of over 11 lakh individuals, liberating them from vices and other evils, and making them worthy of the divine presence.

Not only that, Revered Parampita Ji composed numerous devotional songs and several texts in simple language. He spread the message of peace and brotherhood to every corner, emphasizing that the Supreme Being is one, and all of humanity, along with all living beings, are His offspring.

There is no high or low, and though paths of different religions may diverge, the ultimate destination is the same. He advocated selfless love for all, performing good deeds, refraining from violence and addiction, and emphasized that attaining the Divine does not require any showmanship, rituals, money, or extravagant donations.

Revered Parampita Ji dismissed superstitions like magic, spells, and amulets, asserting that a true Guru always gives without seeking anything in return. He encouraged individuals to embrace both the path of knowledge (Gyanyogi) and the path of selfless action (Karmayogi) and emphasized the fact that one should be a doer and knowledgeable also so that one can carry on righteous deeds.

Getting Blessed with A Benevolent Satguru is a Matter of Great Fortune 

The compassion, benevolence, and love of His Holiness for the entire world, cannot be adequately praised through mere words. Encountering such a gracious master, whose love knows no bounds and bestows blessings in every moment, is a rare phenomenon.

The revered Param Pitaji used to proclaim, "If someone asks for my heart, I can give it. If someone asks for my life, I can even give that too. But if someone demands my disciples, I will never give, because you all are even dearer to me than my heart and life."

There are countless incidents of His benevolence that are almost impossible to sum up in mere words.

In the realm of spirituality, a new chapter of succession was scripted on 23rd September 1990

Choosing the next successor in the face of Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan at Dera Sacha Sauda, again created history. Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj, in a unique and sacred ceremony, set a new example in the history of the Dera by adorning Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan with the responsibility of Dera Sacha Sauda. Also, His Holiness graced the royal stage together for a period of 15 months.

On the auspicious morning of September 23, 1990, at 9 am, in the midst of all the disciples, Param Pita Ji, with profound devotion, adorned Saint Ji (Hazoor Maharaj Ji) with a garland of flowers and presented the sacred Prasad of halwa (porridge), Param Pita Ji performed the coronation ceremony of Gurugaddi.

Three months prior, Param Pita Ji had already included in his will the declaration that 'Dera, wealth, land, property, cash, and everything belonging to the Dera, from this very moment, is of Gurmeet Singh Ji (Revered Hazoor Pita Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan).' Additionally, Param Pita Ji issued a decree in the name of the disciples, stating that those who place their trust in Gurmeet Singh Ji (Revered Hazoor Pita Ji) are akin to having faith in us. Those who obey his commands are considered to be obeying ours. Those who discriminate against him are, in essence, discriminating against us.

The 105th MSG Bhandara proved to be a source of immense blessings, touching the lives of millions across the nation

Disciples from diverse backgrounds and regions actively participated in this divine gathering, creating an atmosphere of spiritual unity and collective devotion. The event spanned across various states, each location carefully chosen to accommodate the disciples from that particular region.

It featured 16 awe-inspiring cultural performances. These were not just a celebration of talent but also a manifestation of the rich diversity of Indian culture. The event aimed to uplift and promote the cultural heritage and individual talents of the participants.

In addition to the cultural festivities, the Bhandara exemplified the spirit of selfless service and philanthropy. Numerous welfare initiatives were undertaken, including the distribution of 105 blankets to the needy and warm clothes to another 105 individuals. Financial assistance was extended to five deserving students, empowering them to pursue their education. Furthermore, four homes were constructed to provide shelter for those without a roof over their heads.

The joy of all the devotees knew no bound with the divine presence of Revered Saint Dr. MSG. The radiance on everyone’s face was clearly visible! The divine sermons and greetings delivered by Revered Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji added a celestial touch to the event, inspiring and uplifting the spirits of all attendees. 

We extend heartfelt congratulations to everyone. The 105th MSG Bhandara not only showcased the essence of unity and cultural richness but also served as a platform for welfare endeavors, embodying the principles of love, compassion, and service to humanity.