Nov 22, 2021

Congratulations on the 130th Incarnation Day of Dera Sacha Sauda Founder- Revered Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj!

‘We welcome the pious Incarnation Day that brought the Messiah on earth who kindled the lamp of divinity in every heart!’


The true saints arrive on the earth for the welfare of the whole world. They are ‘Messenger of God’ descendent by Almighty and toe the line as instructed by Supreme being. Following their prime purpose, they dedicate their entire life to uniting people with Almighty by removing hatred, violence, envy, and all other unethical practices among people.

By the same token, Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj incarnated in this mortal world to sow the seed of spirituality and humanity in the hearts of people. Sai Ji set unique examples of devotion and removed all misconceptions and superstitions associated with religions and meditation.

Pious Day of Incarnation!

The supreme power descents His representative to the earth for divine purposes. The day of the deity’s incarnation in human embodiment turned into the most reverent moment. Same way, Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj incarnated in full moon night during the lunar month of Kartik and that marks the most pious & reverential day for the whole cosmos.

It was the time when people forgot the meaning of Dharma, sins were prevailing and souls were crying to get emancipation from woes. The consistent stress, anxiety, and troubles continue to wreak havoc. Burring under the barrage of problems, the baffled souls yearned for a solution. Hearing their plight, Sai Ji took birth and laid the very foundation of every religion by reminding all about Almighty, the Supreme Power. His teachings put light on the universal truth and navigated the path to attain true happiness and kick out every problem from our lives.

Exceptional Longing to Meet Almighty!

Since childhood, Sai Ji was ardent of God and selfless service of His creatures. Sai Ji constructed a small temple also in home and established the golden idol of Deity Satyanarayan. He used to spend hours worshipping the idol regularly. But still, His yearning to get God’s glimpses never got a direction.

He visited many saints & sages but never got satisfied with their answers. They tried to teach Him different ways to perform black magic or other superstitions, but none of them were able to get Him connected to the Supreme Power. Sai Ji roams for nine years in search of truth.

During this phase, at the temple constructed by Sai Ji, He met with a saint who said that God lives in your heart, and by leaving all external ostentation, you can see & experience Him. Also, only a true saint can give a true direction to You. After hearing the saint’s words, Sai Ji got satisfied and went home to bring eatables to serve the saint for the warm hospitality. But before leaving, Sai Ji closed the door of the temple from the outside thinking that if that person is a thief disguised himself as a saint and might take away the gold idol from behind. But to His surprise, when He returned, that saint disappeared from there. 

Then His yearnings to meet God got stronger than before. He left all the rituals and finally met Rev. Shah Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj in Dera Beas, the saint whom Sai Ji met at His shop. After meeting Baba Sawan Singh Ji, Sai Ji got all the answers and His desires got the right direction. Sai Ji’s love for God elevated manifold by meeting a true saint!

We will Recall You as ‘Shah Mastana’!  

At the very first sight of Baba Sawan Singh Ji; Sai Ji experienced the divinity and presented an unseen example of devotion and sacrifice. Day and night, Sai Ji attended the spiritual congregations and devotionally heard the holy discourse by Shah Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. By witnessing this acute level of dedication towards God, Baba Sawan Singh Ji blessed Sai Ji with a true method of meditation.

To please the master, Sai Ji used to tie ankle bells and start dancing whenever He saw Baba Sawan Singh Ji. Without caring for the world and their harsh words, Sai Ji used to dance and His sway added divine colors to the entire cosmos every time. His rollicking dance and pure reverence pleased Baba Sawan Singh Ji and He renamed Him as ‘Shah Mastana’- the one who is worry less and unfazed from any worldly woes.

Embarking Spiritual Journey and Salvaging Souls from Clutches of Negative Power!

Witnessing the extreme dedication, love, and commitment towards the Almighty, Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj blessed Sai Ji with limitless blessings. He blessed Sai Ji with the entire spiritual treasure of both worlds and assigned the duty to salvage the detached souls. Baba Swan Singh Ji blessed Sai Ji with the power to bless anyone and fulfill their any kind of wish by saying that You can give son, daughter, gold, silver, or anything as per your wish.

He made Sai Ji ‘King of Bagad’ and provided divine duties to salvage the souls, clutched in worldly woes. Sai Ji came to Sirsa with Baba Ji’s permission and divine orders. He made a small hut and started meditating there. After that, as per the instructions of Baba Sawan Singh Ji, He started imparting the ‘Method of Meditation’ to the people and manifested them the divine way to salvation.

Approval of Holy Slogan- ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra!’

At every sight of Sawan Singh Ji, Sai Ji starts dancing and recites various slogans like Dhan Dhan Nirankar Sai Tera Hi Aasra, Dhan Dhan Mere Makhan Malayi Data Tera Hi Aasra. By hearing these, Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj extended heaps of blessings on Sai Ji and accepted His reverence in the form of these slogans and approved ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra’, so that any person belonging to any religion can recite it and extend respect to Spiritual Guide. Since then, this slogan is chanted by each disciple.

It means, ‘O’ Satguru' (A common word for Om, Hari, Allah, Waheguru, Ram, Khuda, Rabb) we are beholden to You and solely dependent on You for everything. Only You can help us in every challenge posed by life.’

Unbelievable Divine Blessings and Spiritual Powers!

A true spiritual master can’t see His children in trouble. He raises His prayers to brim their lives with extreme happiness. The most benevolent Saint, Sai Mastana Ji manifested the real example of benignity and selfless love towards each creature of the Almighty.

When Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj handed over the duties to salvage people and bless them with true Method of Meditation, Baba Sawan Singh Ji granted some wishes of Sai Ji for the goodness of mankind. As per Sai Ji’s request, this holy slogan, ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra’ works miraculously. Baba Sawan Singh Ji granted it and said it will work in both worlds.

Now whoever chants this slogan with deep reverence and devotion gets powerful and unbelievable results. It holds the power to bring back the person from death and work miraculously in fixing problems. Furthermore, Sai Ji requested Baba Sawan Singh Ji that whoever takes the method of meditation gets assured salvation and Baba Ji approved this request also.

This way, Sai Ji brought a treasure of blessedness for each of His disciples and whoever followed Him by heart, got assured happiness right away.

Redolent Personality and Magical Voice: Enough to Make People the Avowed Disciples!

Sai Ji used to speak the Sindhi language. The people who usually attended the spiritual discourse knew Bagri language and didn’t know Sindhi. But when they heard Sai Ji they generally start dancing. Sai Ji asked them, whether they understand the language or know what He is discoursing?

At that, they said, ‘Sai Ji! We don’t know what You said, but Your voice is so attractive that makes us lay down completely in Your lotus feet. We just want to dance & dance and listen to You over & over again!’

His voice and redolent charisma usually made people avowed disciples and committed towards God’s name!

The Holy Purpose behind Establishment of ‘Dera Sacha Sauda’!

Sai Ji, as the messenger of God, didn’t come to initiate a particular religion. His purpose was to make the teachings of every religion clear to all beings. For that, He established a common place for all, the confluence of all religions ‘Dera Sacha Sauda’ in Sirsa, Haryana. It was the holy date April 29, 1948, when Sai Ji inaugurated this heaven on the earth as instructed by Rev. Saavan Shah Ji Maharaj.

It is a place where anyone can recite God’s name in their own way. Almighty, God, Waheguru, Ram, Khuda, Rabb, anyone can call Him with any name. There is no compulsion or restrictions on the way of pronouncing Almighty.

Sai Ji blessed the souls with the true Method of Meditation and manifested the way to salvation for twelve years from 1948 to 1960. His unique ways such as distributing gold, silver, cash, blankets, clothes, and many other items, usually amazed the people. Sai Ji generally tied money to the necks of dogs & goats, dismantled the buildings & rebuilt them over & over again.

Whenever one heard about Him and His ways, got startled and visited Sai Ji to know Him personally and left all their vices right away by taking pious God’s name. No one was able to discern His divine mystics of connecting people with Almighty.

Sai Ji established dozens of Dera premises in varied areas of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, etc. People tend to become His ardent disciples by experiencing His unimaginable divine activities.

Recusing the Misconceptions, and Blessing People Worldwide!

People were clutched in varied superstitions and ill-practices. They used to do idol worship, black magic and performed several unfavorable practices. As per its repercussions, inner vices and worldly evils were pacing up. At that time, Dera Sacha Sauda emerged as a center of spirituality where people are taught the real values and lessons to live life happily in both worlds.

The simple words & appearance, the easiest way to worship & attain God, sweet voice and extraordinary activities amazed people a lot. Today, in the face of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, He is working to connect people and fulfilling the divine purpose. This garden of spirituality has now spread globally and millions are people belonging to different religions, have got connected to it. Words fall short to pay gratitude to Sai Ji for making this heaven on the earth and giving us a priceless gift of divinity and benevolence.

We again congratulate all on this pious Incarnation Day of Founder of Dera Sacha Sauda, Rev. Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj!

Holy Naam Charcha- Divine Celebrations of Incarnation Invigorated Volunteers with Spirituality!

Lakhs of volunteers attended holy Naam Charcha organized at Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa to commemorate the sacred incarnation day of Sai Ji. The palpable enthusiasm was visible from their faces. Each of the devotees feels so fortunate for having a divine connection with their Master who never leaves them at any phase of life.

The holy chorus was dedicated to MSG and all disciples were drenched in divinity, singing the holy hymns. A documentary was played on big screens, filmed on Sai Ji’s benevolence from birth on each of the people who got in touch with Him. Today, He is working in the body of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and bringing a revolutionary change in the people’s mindset by infusing positive, moral, and spiritual values.

The rapture in every devotee got multiplied when they heard the sixth letter sent by Revered Guruji. Wrapped in divine love, care, and benevolence, this letter made each devotee emotional and their love poured from their eyes. We are so grateful for having the Messiah who takes every care of all of us at every moment!

Then a mash-up was played and followers enthralled on each beat. Their love for Satguru and gratitude for His favors grow endlessly on a pious day.

Several welfare works, such as five free newly constructed homes for underprivileged families, six tricycles to needy physically challenged people, blood donation, and a medical camp was also organized to give free services of super-specialist doctors to the needy ones.

His Holiness, Saint Dr. MSG always set a unique example before devotees in service to mankind. On this auspicious occasion, Guruji donated free ration kits to 330 extremely needy families. Also, Guruji donated warm clothes and blankets to 140 underprivileged families and uplifted humanity to new heights.

One ‘Kul Ka Crown or Crown of the Lineage’ marriage was also solemnized, in which Bhakt Mard Gaazi was Guruji’s son Lakhpreet Insan. Moreover, several dowry-free marriages were solemnized, abolishing the ill-social practices of society. Devotees carried on several welfares works worldwide and divinely celebrated this pious day! They present an unsurpassed example of divinity, devotion, and humanity.

We congratulate all on this pious Incarnation Day of Founder of Dera Sacha Sauda, Rev. Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj, and convey heartfelt thanks for connecting us with divinity!