Dec 16, 2020

29th YAAD-E-MURSHID Mega Eye Camp!

A Massive Camp, Thousands of Beneficiaries, But No Compromise on Quality!

Dera Sacha Sauda is fully committed to addressing varied societal challenges by bringing a positive wave of humanitarian services. In the same layer, it organizes Mega Free Eye Camp every year in December month to lessen down the ever-rising global burden of blindness. This camp is benefitting thousands of patients every year in correcting their eye-sight and eliminating blindness! Extended over four days, 29th Yaad-E-Murshid Mega Free Eye Camp was organized at Dera Sacha Sauda premises, Sirsa from the 12th to the 15th of December. The camp was held under the auspices of Shah Satnam Ji Research and Development Foundation that has been organizing these camps in December month since the year 1992. So, it's the 29th year that this camp has been conducted in the sacred memory of Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj (Second Spiritual Master of Dera Sacha Sauda).

Glimpse of 29th Mega Free Eye Camp - 12th December

Glimpse of 29th Mega Free Eye Camp - 13th December

Glimpse of 29th Mega Free Eye Camp - 14th December

Having conducted an eye camp during the Corona epidemic, on such a huge level was a big challenge. However, not even on a single part, the quality was compromised. All the services from ground level volunteers to highly professional doctors were delivered with the utmost care and quality with the blessings of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan!

Registrations from 10th December to 15th December!

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Team of Expert Doctors and Para-medical Staff Rendered Priceless Services!

A total of 5092 patients got free screening, checkups & treatment to retain their sight through this camp. Many professional eye surgeons and ophthalmologists from different states & regions provided their highly valuable services to all. It was an impossible dream for many to get treatment from super-specialist doctors and this camp made it a reality for them and availed such professional checkups & treatment for absolutely free of cost. The patients who needed consultations were provided with free counseling & guidance by the experts. The doctors and paramedical staff consistently provided their services without feeling fatigued or frustrated for even a single second. Their courage and spirit to serve humanity were beyond words!

Special Assistance during COVID-19 Pandemic!

When stepping out of home is a big dare during this COVID-19 pandemic, then conducting a Mega Free Eye Camp is nothing less than the greatest challenge. However with a deep humanitarian spirit, one can even do the unexpected by taking care of everyone! This camp was organized in a well-organized manner with special assistance as per coronavirus concerns. All permissions were acquired before initiating the camp and all governmental laid instructions were followed. Every patient reaching camp was first brought to the 'Pre-Screening' section that helps to find any respiratory risk in just a few seconds. Any patient having fever as detecting by it or having cough was suggested to not enter the camp. Only those patients who didn't have any symptoms were allowed to enter for registration and further process. RT-PCR test for COVID-19 was first done of every shortlisted patient for eye surgeries. Surgeries of only those patients were performed who reported negative in this test. Furthermore, the wards for pre & post-operative care, O.T.s, and even lanes the patients needed to pass were completely sanitized and cleaned to ensure no virus emerges there.

Implementation of All Safety Protocols in OTs!

As the Corona pandemic hit the whole world so it's quintessential to take extra care if such camps are going to be organized. The responsibility of doctors increases manifolds beyond any doubt. The Operation Theatres in Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital feature HEPA Filters with high-efficiency air filtration. These were fully sterilized to remove or kill varied viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. After every operation, the OTs, tables, and all things were sterilized. The doctors and staff change their caps, gown, etc. to ensure the proper safety of all the patients. After having a proper gap, the next patient was entered into the OT. After surgery, the volunteers who handled the patients had also been tested negative for COVID. They took deep care while handling those patients by wearing masks, gloves, and sanitizing themselves. Even an Infection Control Team had also been set up that ensure all safety measures from registration to after operative care has been taken care of. This team was working relentlessly and giving surety for infection free areas with proper cleanliness, sanitization, and following required protocols set by the government in this regard!

Passionate Volunteers Untethered to Worldly Bounds!

Passion, Dedication, and Courage to serve mankind, all beyond words! Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers stay active in serving humanity & set such milestones that remain beyond expectations for many. These camps have witnessed their extraordinary spirit since 1992. In this camp too, from all administrative tasks to taking proper care of the patients including food preparation, serving them tea, lukewarm water and taking the patients to washrooms, etc. It fulfilled all precautions and safety measures to ensure the protection of the patients, volunteers, and doctors reaching from different states to render their services!

Success Rate of the Camp!

Dera Sacha Sauda proved this adage true, "If you try doing something good, then God always helps you!"

The camp had been organized for a noble cause & to benefit people in treating eye disorders for free, and has served them in a well-organized manner. Organized as per the guidance of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, the camp didn't manifest failure in any case. All took the services in an excellent manner and were quite satisfied with attaining such warm hospitality. They elucidated that even their family members don't treat them with such care, which they have been receiving in this eye camp! The camp proved as a boon for those patients who either couldn't afford such treatments from highly-professional doctors or can't have reached such big hospitals. Guruji pervades the humanitarian wave among everyone which boosts them to perform such unbelievable noble deeds that no one thought of before! All in all, 29th Yaad-E-Murshid Free Eye Camp was a perfect example of an unshakable spirit to serve humanity!