Dec 17, 2021

‘Yaad-E-Murshid’ 30th Free Mega Eye Camp Ended on a High Note!

For the economically weaker section of society, it’s hard to get their basic health checkups and treatments done on time. Their sufferings elevate manifold but their financial constraints restrict them from getting treated well.

For them, 'Yaad-E-Murshid’ Free Eye Camps prove as a boon. Just as earlier years, this year 30th Free Mega Camp was initiated on 12th December to provide relief to eye patients and remove their eye disorders. It was wrapped up on 15th December with thousands of registrations, a smooth check-up process, and successful eye surgeries to treat cataract and glaucoma!

Free Eye Care Services Served Lakhs of Patients so far!

These Free Eye Camps are organized every year since 1992 and lakhs of patients have been served through these camps to date. The point to underscore here is that these eye treatments are very expensive. If you talk about the surgical treatment then it starts from Rs. 50k in the reputed hospitals. Besides this, if any complication arises then the patients’ stay in hospital increases, which elevates the cost manifold.

However, in these camps, from the patients’ stay, checkup, consultation, surgery, and post-surgical care, everything is done free of cost. It’s a boon for poverty-stricken people who can’t afford to get proper treatment because of their budget constraints.

Taking benefit of these free camp services, this year, total registrations in four days camp:

  • Males 2905
  • Females 4475

7380 Patients registered and 133 Surgeries performed

30th Free Eye Camp marked 7380 registrations in total. Total 224 patients have been selected for eye surgery, out of which, surgeries of 135 for Cataracts and 11 patients for Glaucoma have been performed so far. These surgeries will continue till 22nd December until all patients get the required treatment. 96 patients have been discharged from the hospital, after their surgeries and post-surgical care.

The Smooth Process from Registration to Post-Surgical Care!

From registration, eye screening, distribution of free medicines, and then shortlisting them for surgeries, everything went in a proper process. The beneficiaries reaching the camp were provided with a registration page with their name, number, address and other details for keeping track of the services availed by them.

After registrations, the patients need to stay in the waiting area for their turn to the doctor. They are accompanied by the volunteers to doctors for eye screening. The dedicated team of volunteers remains with them throughout the process.

The patients got free medicines, eye drops, eyeglasses, and expert consultation as well. Those who needed urgent surgeries to treat cataracts and glaucoma were brought from Dera premises to hospitals comfortably on cars.

From operations to post-operation, the patients have been taken care of by volunteers just as their family members. Four to five volunteers remain present for each volunteer, who provide them warm hospitality. For males and females, different wards were there for their comfortable stay.

The proper care has been done for each patient in the Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital. It's furnished with all the modern facilities and all arrangements from food to the accommodation have been done there.

With the blessings of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, the camp went off quite well and all patients got the required services well on time. We are grateful for having Guruji in our lives whose every thought & action is illuminating myriads of lives worldwide!