Feb 7, 2023

India's largest state Rajasthan revamped within 6.5 hours | 35th Cleanliness Campaign

33 districts & 3, 42,239 sq. km. area cleaned in just six and half hours! A massive drive that manifested an example of selflessness among all!

To celebrate the arrival of Revered Guru Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and MSG Maha Rehmo Karam Month (Royal Coronation Month), the disciples of Dera Sacha Sauda organized Mega Cleanliness Campaign in the complete Rajasthan state of India.

Revered Guruji inaugurated the drive in Barnawa, UP by brooming and releasing the balloons in the sky. With that, the campaign started after 10:30 am. Everywhere the enthusiasm of disciples was on cloud nine. The whole ambience was giving different vibes of devotion and commitment toward the teachings of Revered Guruji.

The outstanding spirit among volunteers to give the gift of healthy life

It’s rather impossible to wrap our head around how educated people get inside the blocked sewerages and clean it, removing the clogging easily by going through the drains.

Just after the beginning of the campaign at 10 am sharp, the volunteers started their services in the areas allotted to them. Within a couple of hours, they changed the whole picture of those areas by making them clean & hygienic thoroughly. They all started a campaign in different villages, cities, tensil, and towns are every area.

In all the villages, millions of volunteers run the campaign and cleaned the whole state. They reached far-off places in Rajasthan. The local residents were so impressed that they praised the volunteers their hearts out. It was startling for them that within 6 and half hours. Their dedication gave a lasting healthy gift to society.

VIPs or bigwigs of the complete state admired the cleanliness campaign and its outcomes. They even said that devotees always remain ready to perform noble deeds whenever they get a chance. Whenever there’s a need, they go shoulder to shoulder and fulfill the requirement. The best part was the devotees even brought food and water alongside themselves and didn’t let anyone do anything for them. Such a great spirit is unusual and rare.

Lakhs of volunteers, one state, and miraculous results

The volunteers reached distant places and brought their own cleaning equipment such as brooms and all other cleaning equipment. The unseen courage & spirit in men, women, old aged, youngsters, and children was worth witnessing. Exactly after 10:30 am, the camp was initiated by Revered Guruji in Barnawa Aashram, UP through video conferencing and after the inauguration, the volunteers started their services at a moment’s notice.

This mega cleanliness campaign in Rajasthan set a grand example of selfless service before the world. Within the time period of around 7 hours, the complete state got cleaned. Those places that were stuck with garbage and no one was volunteering to clean, were cleaned by the volunteers within minutes. Starting from 11 am the campaign lasted until around 5 pm.

The zones were divided in advance

Every district of Rajasthan state was divided among the volunteers and they knew where to give their service. The volunteers already knew their places so without any hassle or interruption they reached the places in advance. Not just from Rajasthan but Punjab, Haryana, UP, Uttrakhand, Delhi, and from every other state, the Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers reached there and started their selfless work without interrupting anyone. They were quite clear about their vision and without wasting a second, they headed towards their mission of clean India.

Jaisalmer was the first district to complete a cleanliness campaign!

Jaisalmer is almost equal to the complete Haryana state and cleaning it in just 3 hours was no less than a wonder. But before the dedication of volunteers, everything seems less. They get it cleaned within a small duration of three hours which startled the people thoroughly.

After that, Chittorgarh, Ajmer, and Sawai Madhopur got cleaned thoroughly. In 5 hours, 11 districts got cleaned and in the tenure of 6 and half hours, the complete Rajasthan state was cleaned.  

Even one complete home cleaning takes more than five to six hours and volunteers cleaned the entire state in record time- Applauding!

Not even a single stain left- The collected garbage was deposited at a dumping station

It was complete an overwhelming experience to see the enthusiasm of volunteers to take part in the cleanliness campaign. The areas were pre-allotted and disciples started their campaign in their respective areas right away. Within some hours, every area got filled with big heaps of garbage and the movement doesn’t stop there, the volunteers even cleared those heaps and deposited them at the dumping stations.

The volunteers did not feel shy while digging into the filthiest places and cleaning them within seconds. They didn’t turn to their homes without proper cleaning. It’s a clear and healthy message for all that everyone should keep the surroundings hygienic and clean always so that in future, no need for it arises in future.

Even one complete home cleaning takes more than five to six hours and volunteers cleaned the entire state in record time- Applauding!

The volunteers even request the native people to keep cleanliness in their areas always and local people took a pledge for the same. Also, the localites pledged to clean their surroundings voluntarily and were determined to make this campaign a big success.

‘The great noble service’- Revered Guruji

 After witnessing the endless selfless spirit of volunteers in cleaning the areas, Revered Guruji acclaimed them and said that this is a great noble service of all times. Keeping the earth clean and saving people from diseases by cleansing all the areas selflessly by volunteers bring a revolution in society. This revolution expels all the diseases from society. So, for all those who are taking part in this campaign, we pray to God to brim their lives with extreme happiness.

Guruji was praising the volunteers who took part in this campaign and performed their selfless duties towards mother earth and humanity. Besides brimming them all with an abundance of blessings, His Holiness gave them a special name ‘Sewa Ke Sache Yodha’ (The Great Warriors for Selfless Services). It's the name given to all those volunteers who stay ever-ready for community service despite any adversities or tough situations. It's an honor for the volunteers to get such a prestigious name from their master.

It was indeed a sight worth witnessing how volunteers were making the impossible possible with their commitment and devotion. The volunteers endeavored this noble cause to give a gift to their master, Saint Dr. MSG and their devotion & dedication made it possible. Such acts of humanity are indeed beyond words! Hats off!