Feb 28, 2021

Congratulations on Sacred Maha Rehmo Karam Diwas!

When spiritual saints hand over the spiritual powers to the next successor, that day turns divine and immensely blessed. One such day in spiritual history occurred on Feb 28, 1960, when Rev. Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj bestowed upon the spiritual wealth of both realms to Rev. Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj. This celestial moment is celebrated worldwide as 'Maha Rehmo Karam' day when everyone got blessed with such a compassionate and loving Satguru who turned their lives into heaven. Sixty years back, Shah Mastana Ji celebrated the Royal Coronation Day with holy commemorations and made it a historical day in human history when Thy found the 'Messenger of God', 'Messiah of humanity' and declared Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj as Dera Sacha Sauda's next successor, who has been incarnated to put the whole world in the right direction. Spiritual wealth is not bestowed upon worldly people, it's not a worldly matter. In fact, the one to whom these powers are passed on is divinely incarnated with the sole purpose of emancipating souls from birth & death cycles and bless them with heavenly bliss in this materialistic world. That sacred day appeared as a golden chapter in human history and celebrated as a day of benevolence every year.

Naam-Charcha (Spiritual Congregation) Attended by Disciples with Deep Devotion!

A special Naam Charcha was conducted on Maha Rehmo Karam Day and devotees sang the hymns of Almighty with utmost devotion. Millions attended this divine congregation online from their homes. They all dense in spirituality and peacefully listened besides promised to follow sermons in their lives. By following the sermons and pious teachings of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, they serve the whole universe selflessly and are turned like a real example of selfless love, compassionate & generous actions.

Divine Day Dedicated to Humanity!

The historic day was marked by performing varied welfare works. By following Thy's guidance, innumerable people have left taking intoxicants, quit illicit relations, non-vegetarianism, liquor, and all evils. They are living a life that religions preach and attaining divine happiness at every footstep. Under the guidance of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, they performed a plethora of welfare works and manifested endless courage to serve humanity. Guruji edifies to celebrate special days by performing welfare chores and when these e-special days arrive which laid sturdy foundations in the history of mankind, then Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers don't leave a single chance of helping needy ones to please their Lord. A total of 134 humanitarian works have been carried on across the world by disciples. They perform every task with complete devotion and help people survive with the best they can! Millions of people have been living a satisfying life and extend prayers to these disciples who arrived in their lives as angels. We bow down to Almighty for blessing the whole universe with Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj, who besides manifesting us the right path of living life, made our lives paradisiac by showering immense blessings all the time!