Jan 24, 2013

65th Free General Medical Camp conducted on 24 January 2013

On the pious occasion of Incarnation Day of Revered Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj, a mega free medical camp was organized on January 24, 2013. In this camp American specialist doctors screened the heart patients with the ultra modern machines. Moreover several specialist doctors rendered their services to other patients. The camp was inaugurated by His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan with joining the ribbons. While talking to media persons Guruji said, "In this camp heart specialist doctors from America as well as from India would give their selfless services to heart patients with ultra modern equipments. Other diseases will also be treated and free medicines will be given to the needy patients. Several times the person afflicts from heart attack suddenly while many a times it is due to due to blockage or any other reasons it does happen. Visiting doctors from America would find out the root cause of this disease with echo and other modern equipments. Separate files for every patient will be created and free treatment will be provided to them." Further, His Excellency Guruji exhorted, "on the holy occasion of Incarnation Month of Revered Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj  many new welfare activities will be embarked upon. 73 humanitarian acts are already being conducted by Dera Sacha Sauda. As per the 73rd welfare activity, bride will take the groom to her home after the marriage. This new custom has been nominated as 'Kul Ka Crown' (crown of the dynasty). This would definitely hamper female feticide. As people used to say the child engender by their daughter-in-law as their own heir while she was not their blood relative. Same way, the children of son-in-law are considered as their own children by the people while the son-in-law is not in their blood relation. These kinds of orthodox customs must be left off and son and daughter must be considered on equality." While telling the technique of being healthy, "a person of every age must perspire oneself completely. For this, he must do regular exercise, run around and have proper diet. Additionally, 14 cleanliness earth campaigns have been conducted by Dera Sacha Sauda and in future cleaning campaign of the holy Yamuna River and many other cities are proposed. Forests are being finding out by the Ashram for the strayed animals. Moreover, to end up the corruption Dera Sacha Sauda  has been administering the volunteers to vow by filling up the forms mentioning that they will neither take nor give bribe. In this series large teams would be sent to the mega cities. So far, approximately one lakh persons have pledged not to give bribes and around 2000 officers have been pledged not to take." In the 65th medical camp organized by Shah Satnam Ji Research and Development Foundation in the sacred memory of Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj, renowned cardiologists from America Dr. Partho Sen Gupta, Dr. Ken Fitijpetrik, Dr. Lij Vilsin, Dr Nupur, Dr. Jimmi, Dr. Jagat, Dr. Narayan, Dr. Ram Bedi, Dr. Raja Babu Panwar, and Dr. Dinesh Talwaar, Dr. Dharm Dev, Dr. Anuradha, Dr. Jai, Dr. M.Sahu from Delhi; Dr. Hukmi, Dr. Ankur, from Bikaner; Dr. A.K. Sahay, Dr. Vandana Sahay from Shimla; Dr. Nishant, Dr. Chetan, Dr. Rajiv Bajaj, Dr. Rashmi from Meerut and many doctors & paramedical staff from Shah Satnam Ji Specialty Hospital rendered their services. Till the news published, in this camp, 3,845 patients got free check up while 105 heart patients were screened with echo.