Jan 11, 2022

Another Enormous Favor on Mankind- The 7th Letter by Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan!

With blessings to all for the sacred Incarnation Month of Revered Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj, His Holiness initiated two new welfare works for the protection of the masses!

 Receiving the holy letter from His Holiness, Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan is the biggest moment for every disciple. They await with bated breath to feel timeless pleasure. As earlier, this letter was also a treasure of blessings, happiness, and His holy grace. His Holiness prayed for everyone’s wellbeing, happiness, prosperity; and blessed all to get their appropriate wishes to get fulfilled.

His Holiness prayed for everyone’s protection from any disease, trouble, or tension and wished for their faith & devotion for the Lord elevates manifold. Besides showering immense love & ultimate care on all, this time two new welfare works have also been initiated by Guruji. Contemplating the present era and surge of virus onslaught, these welfare works are based on Covid-19 vaccination and safety precautions.

Several Covid-19 vaccines have been launched by renowned companies so far and the government has given approval to most of them as well. Vaccination can surely save lives and provide strong protection against hospitalization, intense illness, and even death. The one who gets vaccinated is less likely to get infected from the virus and in case the person is Covid positive then the chances of passing on the virus to others alleviate manifold. This simply means besides getting protection for your body, you protect those who are around you.

However, vaccination doesn’t mean you will not be fetched by the virus. It’s necessary to take precautions for proper safety so that every one alongside you, stays safe. So, safety protocols are a must to follow. The government has shared these precautions, but very few are following them wholeheartedly and the results are visible. Now cases of the Omicron Covid variant are at the peak.

So prioritizing the health and safety of all, His Holiness initiated two welfare works in this regard. The disciples took a pledge to follow each instruction of Guruji by heart. Not just following, they make others implement these safety precautions too.

In this 7th letter, His Holiness instructed all to get vaccinated by saying that He has got the ‘Covishield’ vaccine, and those who have not been vaccinated, get it done for sure. For the safety of all, 136th welfare work has been initiated by Guruji and that is the pledge of vaccination for protection against COVID-19!

Welfare Work 136: Get vaccinated; motivate others to take Covid-19 vaccination and get them inoculated as well.

It's not wrong to say that the heavenly care of His Holiness is unparalleled. Guruji wants everyone to stay protected from Covid-19 and its latest variant, Omicron. Vaccination is necessary however it doesn’t mean one will never catch COVID-19 infections. The precautions are a must to follow. So, for the sheer safety of everyone, His Holiness initiated another welfare work and urged all to follow it completely.

Welfare Work 137: Wear masks, motivate others for the same and distribute free masks among the needy ones. Maintain a seven-foot distance from one another.

By pledging for these two welfare works, Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers ensured that they will follow it word to word and encourage others too for doing the same. Wearing masks, getting vaccinated, keeping the surroundings clear, maintaining a distance of at least seven feet, cleaning hands and all other precautions are completely followed as guided by His Holiness.

Guruji urged all to keep their unity intact, never differentiate people based on caste, creed, or religion, never backbite & do not appreciate the person who slanders others either; stay firm to three promises made with Almighty, stop others from hatred, envy & backbiting and stay away from these too, perform selfless deeds, meditate, do Akhand Simran and Naam Charchas (spiritual congregations) consistently. Guruji’s every word was wrapped in the eternal love and care for all disciples.

In the end, His words of keeping His thoughts in each of the disciples were poured with adoration. It filled everyone with deep faith and reverence. It was a great treat for all and they are cherishing it wholeheartedly! We thank Him for His matchless eternal love and pray for the wellbeing & good health of His Holiness always!

‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra’