Mar 15, 2023

CARE is all they need! | 148th Welfare Initiative by Revered Saint Dr. MSG

As our society continues to advance and progress, we are witnessing a worrying trend of diminishing care toward senior citizens. Old age is an unavoidable, unwelcome, and problem-ridden phase of life. It is interesting that everyone wants to live a long life but does not want to be old.

We are compelled to face the pain and pleasures of life. Old age completes the life pattern. However, this dusk of life turns more painful when people start disrespecting, abusing, and even expelling senior citizens from their homes. This is a disturbing phenomenon, as senior citizens deserve to be treated with respect and dignity as they have contributed significantly to the society we live in today.

To break this trend and infuse deep cultural values among every individual, the CARE initiative has been started by Revered Saint Dr. MSG. Besides caring for their own parents & grandparents, the followers pledged to spend at least one day a week with senior citizens residing in old age homes. This small yet impactful effort is raising the sense of belongingness and helping those aged people to cover up the mental trauma that they suffer due to their own children’s negligence.

Why did the need for CARE arise?

The fast-paced lifestyle is leading to make people increasingly busy and preoccupied with their own lives, leaving little time and energy to extend care to senior citizens. Additionally, the nuclear family setup that is becoming more common today also means that seniors are often left alone and isolated, without family members to take care of them.

The consistent decline in values is leading to a major fall in the healthy mindset. This trend is especially concerning because it goes against the values that have been an integral part of our Indian culture. Respect for elders and taking care of senior citizens have been fundamental values in our society, and it is something that we should strive to preserve.

So, to restore the lost values of caring for senior citizens, Baba Ram Rahim Ji introduced CARE as a new welfare initiative. It is surely a foundation step to building a society that is grounded in respect, compassion, and empathy.

Since the ancient ages, India is known for its deep values and culture. The rich culture of India denotes unity and brotherhood. There’s an age-old custom that when the children are in their childhood and younger age, their parents & grandparents take care of them. The elders facilitate their lives and provide all amenities that are necessary for their good upbringing and growth. And, when the children grow up, they become a support system for their parents and grandparents. In the old age of their parents, they take care of them from availing all necessities of life to spending quality time with them.

However, Due to the advent of urbanization, modernization, and several other factors, the joint families have shattered. People are losing interest in each other and slowly the old golden rich culture of India is diminishing in the thoughts and values that people possess now.

Here the phenomenon of ‘Old age homes’ comes into the picture. The children think it is right to dump their parents in these homes by forgetting their lifelong sacrifices, love, and care. The aged parents just aspire to live with their own family and children but the advent of modernization makes it just a dream for them. The children dump them in old age homes and the irony is these senior citizens are not even allowed to give their opinion and the disappointment never goes out of their hearts.

Revered Baba Ram Rahim aka Dr. MSG appealed that these old-age homes should be named ‘Orphaned Old-age Homes’ so that the children who come to put their parents in these homes get ashamed of what they are going to do. If their parents are not orphans then why do they live life like an orphan?

With the rising trend of old age homes, Revered Baba Ram Rahim of Dera Sacha Sauda came up with this initiative to stop such emotional & mental damage that is being caused to senior citizens with this shameful act of their children. This initiative is bringing a revolution in the thoughts of the public and they are turning soft towards their parents and grandparents. It’s a great way to infuse love for the senior citizens who just aspire to meet their children.

The foremost intention of Saint Dr. MSG for commencing the CARE movement is to safeguard the values of the joint family which is the ancient culture of our country, as the youth of our country in today's time is more inclined towards the western culture which in turn devalues the Indian culture. This initiative will remarkably restore those lost values among individuals.

CARE- A Step to Build Intergenerational Connections

C- Care of the people in

A-Age old homes


E-Every Month

Celebrate one day (possibly the last Saturday of every week) with senior citizens of old age homes and raise their self-esteem by making them feel special

The CARE initiative is the best step to recognizing the importance of intergenerational connections. It will work on creating a culture of care and support for senior citizens. Restoring the lost values of caring for senior citizens requires a shift in mindset.

Through CARE initiative, Baba Ram Rahim is making everyone move away from the individualistic, fast-paced lifestyle that has become so prevalent in our society and bringing the focus of the young generation towards valuing intergenerational connection, community, and compassion.

Under the CARE initiative, Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers spend one day every week in old age homes, celebrate with them, provide all the necessities, make them feel important, and most importantly reinstate the lost spirit & confidence in them. Their time spent makes elderly feel special and loved.

It will make meaningful connections with the elders who are the treasure of wisdom, experience, and knowledge. Caring for senior citizens can be an enriching experience for both the caregiver and the recipient. It will allow all to connect with our heritage and culture and understand our roots better. Moreover, it will help in developing empathy, compassion, and patience, qualities among youngsters that are valuable in all areas of our lives.

Our aging loved ones deserve to be treated with love, respect, and dignity. Our little efforts can provide them with lasting emotional support and companionship. It’s indeed the best way to repay our elders for the priceless love & care they bestow on us!

This initiative by Revered Baba Ram Rahim will surely play the role of building a more just and equitable society.