Mar 5, 2022

Gurugram to get a Facelift on 6th March through Mega Cleanliness Campaign

Imagine an unorganized and uncleaned home. Would anyone want to live there? No! Mostly we tend to keep our homes clean. But when it comes to keeping our cities and our surroundings clean, we don't pay heed.

While many refuse to understand their moral responsibility towards cleanliness, there are such volunteers, who clean the cities, pick up the litter, and educate everyone towards keeping their cities clean.

Tsunami of Samaritans

Imagine lakhs of people coming together from various states of the country, carrying their own brooms & equipment and in a matter of hours, cleaning the areas that span across many square kilometres.

No, this is not a mere attempt at imagining the unachievable. This is the reality of those good Samaritans who come together to conduct Mega Cleanliness Campaigns.

What do they do?

Streets are broomed, blocked sewage pipes are unclogged, manholes are opened and cleaned, pools and streams of water that are filled with polythenes and other wastes are cleaned and the filth is collected. These heaps of collected waste are then picked up by the municipal corporation vehicles. One must note that these volunteers come from various spheres of life and include professionals like doctors, engineers, pilots, etc.

Their target has not just been to clean the city, but also to inspire & enlighten the residents, so that nobody refers to our nation as Dirty India, ever.

Since the beginning of these campaigns in 2011, lakhs of residents who witnessed these campaigns promised and signed pledge forms to keep their surroundings clean.

These efforts yielded tremendous results, not only was the number of infections reduced significantly, it drastically reduced the soil, water & air pollution as well.

Gurugram cleanliness campaign

The Cleanliness Drive to Clean the Holy River Ganga was a Massive Success

The impact had been so far-fetched that even the Prime Minister of India, Sh, Narendra Modi, adopted the Cleanliness Drive and have the message of cleanliness to the entire nation.

Are These Volunteers Getting Paid in Cash or Kind?

No. They come to serve selflessly, fulfil their mission and then leave peacefully, leaving behind their footprints of kindness and compassion, that will inspire for ages.

What is Next?

33 megacities have been cleaned by these Samaritans since 2011, and now a Mega Cleanliness Campaign would be held in 'Gurugram' by these volunteers of Dera Sacha Sauda on 6th March.

(Delhi, Mumbai, Puri, Kota, Bikaner, etc are a few cities of cleaned as a part of this campaign)

Why is the Campaign being Conducted in Gurugram?

When the city of Gurgaon was renamed 'Gurugram' (The land of Guru) in 2016, nobody would have thought what it would eventually lead to.

On 7th February Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan was granted furlough and the Dera Sacha Sauda followers immediately understood how relevant the name Gurugram was. It was the place where their Guru came to live after spending a long time in Sunaria.

Guruji spent the entire 21 days in Gurugram located Naamcharcha Ghar, without any communication of any kind with the outside world. The followers too displayed extreme discipline and respected the law by maintaining decorum.

With hearts full of devotion and love, they have decided to pay homage to the lands where their Guru, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, placed his pious lotus feet. And for that, they are carrying out the Mega Cleanliness Campaign in Gurugram on 6th March 2022.

What a Great Homage!

Let's hope to see a cleaner Gurugram as the ocean of devotion sweeps this pious city. And let us learn & pledge to keep our cities and surroundings clean too.