Feb 3, 2023

MSG Maha Rehmokaram Month- A gift to the entire mankind

Passing on the spiritual powers to the next successor becomes a historical moment. In the history of Dera Sacha Sauda, it was the royal coronation day on 28th February 1960, when Beparwah Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj handed over the spiritual wealth to Revered Param Pitaji.

The day when the souls get true spiritual master becomes the best day of life. The royal coronation day was that day of great benevolence. The happiness knew no bounds that were gifted by Master Sai Shah Mastana Ji. The lives of all disciples got drenched in divinity when Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj changed His body and handed over humanity to Revered Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj. The entire ambiance lit up with delight and joy that added charm to everyone’s life.

How did an ordinary day of 28th February transform into ‘Great Benevolence’?

28th February created history. The day is written in golden words when the spiritual reign of Dera Sacha Sauda was passed on to Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj. By declaring the next successor, Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj divulged the secret of supreme spiritual power being held in ‘Satnam’.

Even while bestowing the method of meditation to Shah Satnam Ji on 14th March 1954, Sai Shah Mastana Ji symbolized the same. Sai Ji sermoned, ‘Today we got a special decree to bestow you with the method of meditation! That’s why we are giving you Naam-Shabad by making you sit closer as we will take special work from you.’

That was a small indication but no one caught the meaning of it. And then on 28th February, the divine powers were revealed in the face of ‘Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj.’ Beparwah Sai Mastana Ji was in extreme joy and enthusiasm on that day and addressed the gathering that the world died chanting ‘Satnam’ but no one found Him. This is that ‘Satnam’ with whose support the whole universe is standing tall. With the decree of Supreme Power, we have brought Him in front of you from the holy abode.

This way, on the pious day of Great Benevolence, Sai Mastana Ji handed over Gurugaddi to Revered Param Pitaji and millions found solace in benevolent Satguru Ji. After handing over the reign, Sai Ji sermonized that hundreds want to become Gurus here after us. Everyone should be firm and aware of them, otherwise, those who will get diverted will go to hell. Whether one believes it or not, we have made Shah Satnam Ji the supreme power God. Those who will follow the sermons will eat fruits (will get benefitted), otherwise, they will go to hell.

This way, on the day of 28th February, made everyone meets with the Supreme Power, support every situation, and a remedy to all problems.

Passing on reign to Shah Satnam Ji- A Big Favor on Mankind

The miraculous day of 28th February brought blessedness to everyone’s lives. Being the second spiritual master of Dera Sacha Sauda, Revered Param Pitaji added benevolence to every life. People got the right purpose of living, they got to know the solution to all their problems, and their hell-driven homes turned into heavens.

Lakhs of people got connected to God’s words and left taking intoxicants. The ladies who were usually thrashed by their drunk husbands got the complete change in the picture. Now their husbands come and ask for the well-being of the whole family, give quality time and the whole family meditates together for the betterment of themselves and the whole world. The whole scenario changed now, fear replaced by calmness, sadness by happiness, and tension by joy.

This day gave direction to millions for living a blissful & healthy life. This is the day when Shah Mastana Ji doubled up the spiritual powers and benevolence in the face of Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj. Everyone got the most benevolent Guru who spread an unending fragrance of happiness in everyone’s life. Here is the brief of the aftermaths!

  • Lakhs of people shunned drugs & other evils and started living a worthy life
  • Humanity became the religion of all who got connected with Revered Guruji
  • The hell-driven homes turned into heavens
  • Isolated people got lasting solace and a secured life
  • Social evils were removed and the disciples became messengers of humanity
  • The needy ones got an assurance of help and a way to survival

It’s because of this Great Benevolence that today millions are leaving vices and ready to shun drugs in one go. In the history of Dera Sacha Sauda, this day holds great importance and disciples celebrate it with great pomp & show.

A true social reformer and the most benevolent master

Being the true savior of humanity in this selfish world, Shah Satnam Ji infused the real values in every heart. With the teachings of Revered Param Pitaji, millions are walking on the righteous path and working consistently on making this world a better place to live.

Not just the teachings but the love of a true master is simply incomparable. There’s nothing in the world that can compare to the sacred love of the master. Just as we say it’s equal to the love of thousands of mothers or even beyond, then it wouldn’t be wrong. Once you get connected to the true master then nothing can break this bond. His love is beyond infinity and cannot be simply measured in any terms.

Getting such a benevolent master in life is a matter of best fortune. We too have got such a great fortune after having the true master in the form of Lord Shah Mastan, Shah Satnam, and Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Unique ways of celebration- A tribute to the pious teachings

The whole month of Great Benevolence will be celebrated by following the teachings of Revered Param Pitaji. The priority of every disciple remains in making a drug-free India and helping people to shun drugs. It’s the major aim of Dera Sacha Sauda and they do every effort to connect the maximum number of people with God’s name and help them shun drugs altogether.

Besides they perform humanitarian activities to the maximum and please their master with noble deeds, like, planting trees, donating blood, constructing free homes for the needy, and many others. Besides they regularly take a pledge to leave vices and take a vow to make this society better than before.

It’s the teachings of Revered Param Pitaji that disciples always pray for the well-being & betterment of all the creatures of the universe. Almost in every section of society, the humanitarian activities by Dera Sacha Sauda have been raising hope in people and making this world a better place.

Let us follow the teachings wholeheartedly and realize the teachings of Revered Guruji in a better way. Happy MSG Maha Rehmokaram Month to you all!