Mar 22, 2023

SAFE Initiative to fuel the recovery with a healthy diet | 154th Welfare Initiative by Saint Dr. MSG

Drug addiction is a slow poison that weakens the body, ravages the body's strength and overall health that doesn’t let the person normalize and focus on life’s goals. However, the new initiative named SAFE by Revered Saint Dr. MSG aka Baba Ram Rahim is a quick remedy for rebuilding the body's strength with wholesome and nutritious foods.

Recovering from drug addiction is a challenging journey that requires both physical and mental strength. One crucial aspect of this process is maintaining a healthy diet. Drug abuse can cause significant damage to the body and disrupt normal physiological functions. As a result, a balanced and nutritious diet can help repair the body and support a successful recovery.

The SAFE campaign is a way to healthy living and quick recovery by availing nutritional diet to those who quit drugs.

Why a healthy diet is an investment after quitting drugs?

A healthy diet is necessary after quitting drugs for several reasons!

  • Drug abuse causes damage to the body, leading to malnutrition and other health problems. By consuming a balanced and nutritious diet, individuals in recovery can help repair the damage done to their bodies and support their overall health.
  • Drug abuse disrupts normal physiological functions, including the metabolism of nutrients. As a result, many people in recovery may have nutrient deficiencies or imbalances that can be corrected through a healthy diet.
  • A healthy diet helps in combating cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Drug abuse can cause intense cravings and other physical and psychological symptoms that can make it difficult to maintain sobriety. By consuming a balanced and nutritious diet, individuals in recovery can help stabilize their blood sugar levels and reduce cravings, making it easier to resist the urge to use drugs.

Not just physical but a healthy diet can help improve mental health as well. Drug addiction leads to depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. A diet rich in whole foods can help support the production and function of neurotransmitters, helping to improve mood and promote overall mental well-being.

SAFE Kit- Unlocks Health and Goodness

S- Simple healthy diet

A- After quitting drugs for

F- Faster recovery, based on

E- Electrolytes and proteins

Giving a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, dry fruits, etc. to the person who shunned drugs so that he can live a healthy life ever after

This notion by Revered Guruji serves a deep purpose of helping the person to recover from physical and mental health damage caused by drugs. The SAFE kit consists of essential vitamins and minerals that are required to fill in the deficiency. This nutrition kit helps in repairing the body and supports muscle growth besides working on boosting immunity.

The purpose of Guruji is not just to make our land free from drugs but also to strengthen our youth to a great extent so that they can think innovatively for the nation’s dignity. This is possible only if they are physically and mentally fit. So after making them leave drugs, these SAFE kits are provided to them so that their health can be recovered quickly, they can come out of mental trauma, and become able to become an asset for the nation with the right diet. With good health, they can invest their life and efforts in the goodness of society.

It goes without saying that a healthy diet is necessary after quitting drugs to help repair the damage done to the body, correct nutrient deficiencies, combat cravings, and withdrawal symptoms, and support overall physical and mental health. Maintaining a healthy diet is essential in the recovery process after leaving drugs and this SAFE initiative will surely be productive in achieving good health and supporting the overall health of those who shun drugs.