Mar 15, 2023

Eating together is a key to happiness!- TEAM | 150th Welfare Initiative by Revered Saint Dr. MSG

The prevalence of materialism and individualism in modern society is contributing to diminishing family values. The collaboration and cooperation among the family members are subsiding to a large extent resulting in a decline in principles, beliefs, and traditions that guide a family’s interaction and behavior. 

Many reasons are responsible for the breakdown of traditional family structures such as the influence of technology, busy mundane, tight study & job schedules, changing social & economic needs, and many more. Amid this hustle & bustle, today’s man has surely forgotten the quality time that joint families used to have. 

Having all family members together, discussing every issue & problem, and collectively finding a solution has become surreal now!

To re-infuse these values and preserve family happiness, a new welfare initiative has been started by Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan aka Baba Ram Rahim. With the initiative named, TEAM, Revered Guruji is heading to conserve those old customs and rituals that are at extinction these days.  

TEAM- Initiative to Strengthen Family Bonds!

Family meals aren't just about the food, they're about the love and laughter shared around the table.

Today, family meals have been restricted just too special occasions and holidays when the whole family sits together at the table, perhaps with guests. However, it’s not a routine activity.

According to a 2020 study published by Cornell University, children who regularly enjoy family meals are 40 percent less likely to have eating disorders, 30 percent more likely to eat healthier foods, and 15 percent less likely to be overweight. However, it’s not just about food. 

‘A meal together can keep family together’.

This simple notion holds a deep secret. Besides food, the laughter, discussions, and most importantly, it’s the best chance to infuse family values among not just the children but every family member.

Family values are the bedrock of a happy life and to protect & uphold them, this practice of eating together holds great importance. Here are the benefits one gets by having meal together!

Bonding and making memories

Eating together is not just fruitful for better bonding but also for good mental health. Everyone gets a sense of belongingness and a surety of having their family with them on every odd. Eating together contributes phenomenally to emotional, mental & behavioural well-being. Usually children recall the memories they have and not what they have eaten. So it’s the best time to make memories & good for their overall health.

Sharing experiences

During shared mealtimes, children and parents share their experiences, observations, ideas, hopes, and dreams. Additionally, mealtime conversations make the bond of the family stronger than ever before.


The planning and preparation of meals and cleaning up afterward, present meaningful opportunities for the family to work, prepare food and eat together. It preserves values and is good for the well-being of society. Everyone’s contribution is meaningful and important which leads to valuable lessons for the future.

Developing healthy eating habits

Typically, home-prepared meals include more protein, vitamins, and fiber, and less saturated fat, sugar, and sodium than a restaurant or take-out food. Children get to develop healthy eating habits and get better enjoyment by having a meal with other family members.

Team initiative: Well-Thought-Out Idea

T- Together

E- Eating

A – A

M- Meal with Family

With this motive of reinsuring family customs, rejuvenating traditional values, and strengthening family bonds, this new campaign has been initiated by Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, well-prevalent as Saint Dr. MSG worldwide. This 150th initiative is a noble way to preserve the happiness of the family. 

Millions of adherents pledged to follow this new campaign and to have a meal together at least once a week to make the family closer. It’s not just about food, but the real notion behind it is to teach the children about the rich culture they belong to.

Being together daily at the table is an important chance to celebrate being a family, by staying in touch, learning about family culture, and food, and practicing the social skills of dining and conversation. The preservation of family values is a responsibility that we all share, and we must strive to uphold them through our actions and words.

All in all, it’s yet another rousing step by Baba Ram Rahim Ji for binding people together. The diminishing family values are resulting in alleviating emotional attachment. It further results in family disputes and the breaking of relationships. The disturbed emotional and mental state doesn’t let people do productive for their families, society, and the whole nation. 

However, if the roots are strong then the branches extend above, giving shelter and shadow to every needy one. When people start valuing their families, and relationships, have a meal together, and discuss together then their thoughts fuel up for society’s welfare too. An emotional attachment and mental satisfaction give rise to a humanitarian mindset. 

It is surely a step towards a better foundation for today's and future generations!