Jan 25, 2011

Adorable Satguru Ji helped His disciple in every possible way

Sh Jagdish Kumar (Ex Foreman Electricity Board. Haryana), Kalyan Nagar, Sirsa Haryana. Adorable Satguru Ji helped His disciple in every possible way Sh Jagdish Kumar describes how respected Guru Ji helped him in the hours of need. It was 22nd of May 1988, The honorable Chief Minister of Haryana was in the village Khariyan of Harayana during one of his official visits. Electricity Board Sub-Office Panjuana's record was with me. After meeting the chief minister, I was on leave and rushed for Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa directly. There were a number of devotees hailed from Mansa in the Dera same day. I had Prasad of Langar (sanctified food). At around 3:30 pm, I recalled that I had to hand over the Electricity Board record which I had, to the S.D.O of Panjuana. For this reason, I started off from Sirsa on my scooter. When I reached near Panjauna petrol pump, truck carrying manure, being driven with high speed, hit my scooter. The scooter was between the front tyres of the truck. Police report stated that the scooter was dragged off with the truck for almost 90 feet. My loving Guru Ji appeared before me just after I got hit by the truck and then disappeared. He was in white dress and was carrying a long stick in His hand. I was in unconscious state just after that. It was being told that a worker at petrol pump took me to his place and let me to have rest on a wooden bed. The electricity house was near his place. He instantly along with the employees working there took me in order to get me admitted in civil hospital Sirsa. That day, Majlis (a program where bhajans are enchanted followed by Vachans of Guru Ji) got suddenly canceled. About hundreds of devotees came to donate their blood for me. The Sat-Brahamcharis [celibate volunteers] of Ashram took care of me and my family. I got in my senses back after three days. Respected Guruji saved my life otherwise I would not have been survived in that deadly accident. All the arrangements for my meals were done by the Dera itself. Always at the time of difficulties, Pitaji used to reach and save HIS disciples. In other sense, He converts the stake into spike miraculously.