Feb 5, 2013

All Cuisines are Futile as Compared to the Divine Nectar

The Divine ambrosia is continuously flowing inside the human beings, i.e. mankind is replete full of spiritual nectar. However, to experience this heavenly panacea it is required to devote a good deal of contemplative time and meditative effort.

All the cuisines are futile as compared to the divine nectar and the one, who tastes it, feels the spiritual merriment and bliss forever. Today, man is entangled in the cobweb of materialistic chores while forgetting the Supreme power and so, is encircled by the sorrows, worries and tensions. God's Name boosts the confidence level and tolerance power as well makes the man enable to combat with all kinds of problems. One must have strong faith on the God and along with it he must recite the God's words. It is advised to pray for the well beings of all rather than to despise off them. This way, Almighty would indeed do well for you and bestow immense blessings.