Apr 30, 2014

Bhandara Celebration on 66th Foundation Day and 7th Anniversary of 'Jaam-e-Insan Guru ka'

The Bhandara organized on the auspicious occasion of 77th Foundation Day and 6th anniversary of Jaam-e-Insaan was celebrated with great zeal and gusto in the Ashram premises. Despite the scorching heat scores of followers reached the marquee.

In the very starting of the program, Revered Guru Ji presented the followers with glamorous trophies and medals to the volunteers hailing from Haryana, Punjab, U.P., Rajasthan, Delhi, and Himachal and to Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutes, who excelled in executing welfare activities being pursued by Dera Sacha Sauda. Langar(community meals) along with the Parsad relating to all religions customarily (as per the ritual practice of every religion) was served to the people present over there. In addition, one rupee coin was also conferred to the disciples as a token of love in the form of Royal Treasury. Also, Revered Guru Ji handed over the keys of 'ready to move-in' homes got constructed by sadh-sangat under the welfare campaign named "Aashiyana" (the Homely Shelter) to 6 needy families. His Holiness Guruji launched the website for monthly magazine Sachchi Shikhsha.

Under the welfare campaign named "Jeevan Asha", the wedding of a widow took place with a Bhakt Yodha (Devout Warrior). Revered Guru Ji blessed the newlywed couple with a cheque of INR 25,0oo.Moreover, 24 couples hailing from tribal outskirts and 20 other couples were married off within a few seconds following the usual marriage trend of Dera Sacha Sauda (Brahm Vivah).

In the end, Guruji pressed an electronic button with HIS pious lotus hands subsequently the pink colour of happiness was spread all around and everyone was filled with joy by getting imbued in the hue of divinity. And His Excellency Guruji sang the hymn : "Rang dia re, mohe rang dia re, Sai Mastan Ji ne, Shah Satnam ji ne." in his mellifluous voice, to which the devotees danced spellbound.

Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pita Ji" by more than 55 million faithful followers presently) imparted the Method of Meditation to the seekers during the Satsang and liberated them from the cycle of transmigration of births and deaths. Thousands of people took Jaam-e-Insan and vowed to shun their evils. Revered Guru Ji, while addressing devotees on the occasion, said, "This is the holy day since when the millions of lives have been getting filled with immense happiness, joy, bliss and ecstasy." His Excellency Guruji congratulated everyone on this auspicious occasion and asked to participate in humanitarian activities proactively. Whole Ashram was decorated in a magnificent fashion.

While enrapturing everyone with the showers of blessings Guruji said, "the disciples of Dera Sacha Sauda who follow the three cardinal rules, have firm faith, meditate and render selfless services, are never deprived of anything either internally or externally. Though kaal (negative power) is dominating in this era of Satan (Kaliyuga) and trying to end up truthfulness but Divine powers are much more dominating than negative ones. If a person assists someone to quit drugs and uniting with Divine words, God bestows bountiful blessings upon him in lieu of that."

 Revered Guruji said, "Sai Mastana ji Maharaj laid the foundation of Dera Sacha Sauda on this holy day of today on the barren land covered with thorny bushes. Thorny shrubs were cut and piled into a tall and strong fence around the Ashram.

Some of the volunteers told, "Beparwah Ji, there are many snakes, scorpions and other poisonous creatures that apparently came out of the earth".

His Holiness Mastana Ji ordered the volunteers, "No creature should be killed. It should be caught and let off at a distant place."

On the holy command of Beparwah Ji, no animal was killed and neither did any of the snakes, scorpions or other poisonous creatures harm anyone and the same practice is in action till today."

"One must meditate on God's words, render selfless services and strictly follow the holy sermons. Always ask for God from God Himself. Never commit any misdeed whenever God is there to keep a watch on you. That means one must never perform bad deeds because the God is omnipresent. To listen to sacred preachings and follow by those words is the most significant thing in the field of spirituality. And another one is that whenever the Saint puts a glance on you, it should be accepted respectfully. Guru's words are the divine words as they do say everything as per the directions of Almighty God. Listening to holy sermons is important and to comply with those words makes it much more important.

In the old times, Quinine was given to the patients suffering from fever which tastes bitter but is very much effective. It cures only one disease but Saint's words give relief from every disease of past birth's accumulated bad deeds," Respected Guruji added.

Under the welfare campaign named "Jeevan Asha", the wedding of a widow took place with a Bhakt Yodha (Devout Warrior). Revered Guru Ji blessed the newlywed couple with a cheque of INR 25,0oo. On this auspicious occasion, the members of holy royal family get a sum of Rs. 51,000/- deposited in the Shah Satnam Ji Green 'S' Welfare Force Wing Benevolent Fund.

Below is the detail of families got benefited under the welfare campaign named "Aashiyana" Smt. Maya Insan W/o Sh. Ratan Lal from Kadar ka Nangla, Block Ajijpur, Alwar (Rajasthan), Smt. Manjeet Kaur Insan W/o Chand Singh from Faijgarh, Khanna (Ludhiana), Smt. Jasveer Kaur Insan W/o Late Sh. Kalaram From Jansla, Block Banood (Patiala), Smt. Amarjeet Kaur W/o late Sh. Soma Singh from Kalouli Block Banood (Patiala), Sh.Deepak Insan S/o late Sh. Bhuvan Chander from Kishanpur Block Haldwani, Nainital (Haridwar), Sh. Vinod Insan S/o late Sh. Prabhu Lal from Samashpur Majra, Jhajjar (Haryana).

Doctors and surgeons contributed their medical services to 1620 patients and the advocates gave free legal advice to hundreds of people. Revered Guruji blessed and asked for the well being of the doctors and advocates who rendered their selfless services in the free medical camp and legal awareness camp conducted under the auspices of Shah Satnam Ji Research and Development Foundation. In this medical camp, many renowned doctors all around the world gave their services to the patients suffering from heart, diabetes, cancer, skin, cancer, bone, eyes and ENT diseases along with the childless couples. Free medicines were also provided to the patients.

Heart specialists Dr. Rajiv Bajaj, Dr. C.M. Khanna from Delhi, gynecologist Dr. Reeta Bedi from Sh. Ganganamagr, Cancel specialist Dr. Arun Aggarwal from Sri Ganganagar, Dentist Dr. Brahm Singh Chauhan, Dr. Mehak, Dr. Sarabjeet, Dr. Swati, Dr. Sanjay Chopra, Dr. A.K. Sahay, Dr. Shweta, Dr. Ram Niwas from Patiala, Dr. Naveen Moga and Dr. Narender Kansal provided their selfless services.

On this auspicious occasion of Foundation Day, sports competitions were also made among the volunteers of Shah Satnam Ji Green 'S' Welfare Force Wing in the premises of Shah Satnam Ji sports stadium.