Dec 9, 2012

Cleanliness Earth Campaign at Pushkar, Rajashtan on 8th Dec 2012

Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers spruce up Brahma Ji's City Pushkar

Dera Sacha Sauda's followers conducted a Mega Cleanliness Earth Campaign drive at Hindu's religious place (Pushkar) after undertaking and completing the cleanliness drive at Ajmer on the same day under the banner of "Cleanse the Planet Earth, to Remove Disease and Curse". In a jiffy, scores of volunteers thronged at Pushkar ji. In the evening, around 4:00 pm Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan arrived at Brahma Ji's Temple and inaugurated the cleanliness campaign there by sweeping the road HIMSELF along with HIS most Respected mother Naseeb Kaur Ji Insan. His Excellency Guruji unfurled the green flag and released the balloons in order to commence the campaign. Before this, Guruji paid regards and offered flowers bouquet at Brahma Ji's Temple. The temple monk Laharpuri Ji's main worshippers Sompuri, Suresh Puri, and Madhu Kanwar (Trustee of temple committee) welcomed His Holiness Guruji with floral garlands.

During the inauguration ceremony, Revered Guruji said, "This is Brahma Ji's city and foreigners used to visit here more often. So it is the residents' duty to keep this place spick and span. Female Feticide is the greatest atrocity. But this can be hampered by the new tradition of perpetuating lineage with matrilineal inheritance in harmony with traditional patrilineal one (one of the 138 humanitarian activities being pursued by Dera Sacha Sauda). As parents with a single girl child would have no social support in old age; since in India, it is customary for girls to leave their parental dwelling and go to their in-laws or husband's house. But in the new tradition, when the boy has one or more male siblings, to take the revolutionary step of living with his in laws if the family has only one daughter, subject to the mutual consent of both the families. In this way, they shall also have a son as security and support." Further HE said, "Whosoever render selfless services God certainly helps them, they get rid of dreadful disease like cancer even. One must have full devotion and dedication to Almighty God. As the parents do care and yearn for their children, if a person has one tenth of that he can become worthy of getting holy grace and divine vision." His Holiness Guruji bestowed immense blessings to the volunteers reached over there. Volunteers gave an incomparable gift to the faithful visiting to Pushkar (14 km from Ajmer city) by cleaning up the Brahma Sarovar Temple along with 52 Ghats. All the 17 wards were cleaned up within a matter of minutes. Whole town including Brahma Ghat, Gau Ghat, Tarni Ghat, Baarah Ghat, Yagy Ghat, Surya Ghat, Chandra Ghat, Bharatpur Ghat, Gurjar Ghat, Amarnath Ghat, Gangaur Ghat, Jaipur Ghat, Jodhpur Ghat, Kota Ghat, Janana Ghat, Main Market, Apna Bazar, Brahma Chowk, Sadar Bazar, Halwai Street, New Rangji Temple, Brahmdev Chowk, Gurudwara Chowk, Bus Stand, Navkhandi Hanuman Temple, Regar Mohalla, Ambedkar Colony, Chungi Chowk, Jogion ka Baans, Kalo ka Mohalla, Savitri Mohalla, Khulla Mohalla, VIP Road, Gawada Mohalla were made garbage free by the Sadh Sangat.


Pushkar ji is one of the oldest religious places. There are many temples including 2000 years old Brahma Ji's Temple made up in 14th century. Faithful used to take bath in Brahma Sarovar situated at Pushkar Ji. Moreover, a camel fare is also conducted here annually and visitors used to come from all over the world to see that.