Feb 1, 2024

Congratulations on the Advent of 64th Great Benevolence Month

Spiritualism is a profound concept, boundless and without shores. Its secrets are divine and enigmatic, requiring a deep understanding beyond the grasp of ordinary individuals. Behind every action of a true saint lies a concealed rationale and message, unfathomable to most but bearing hidden blessings for the world at large.

The passing of the spiritual reign from one Guru to another is imbued with such divine secrecy, which is beyond the understanding level of a common person. While such transitions are ordained by divine decree, they remain enveloped in secrecy until unveiled by the true Guru.

In the chronicles of Dera Sacha Sauda, there was a day when Revered Sai Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj entrusted the responsibility of Dera Sacha Sauda to Revered Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj. It was February 28, 1960, a day when an ordinary moment transformed into "Great Benevolence" for the entire universe.

This month is commemorated as the ‘Great Benevolence’ month. Throughout the entirety of February, Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers celebrate this momentous occasion with fervor and exuberance.

The Spiritual Unveiling in the Village Ghukeyanwali

Since childhood, Revered Shah Satnam Ji had a deep connection with spirituality. The day Param Pitaji met Shah Mastana Ji, a strong connection of a Guru & disciple built up in no time. However, Param Pitaji was not bestowed with the Method of Meditation, as Sai Ji every time addressed that Param Pitaji will be imparted Gurumantra at the right time.

So, it was in the village of Ghukeyanwali near Sirsa, that a Satsang was conducted by Revered Shah Mastana Ji. After the completion of Satsang, Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj called Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj forward and uttered words that echoed with divine purpose.

It was the day when the spiritual unveiling took place! Sai Ji called Param Pitaji and sermonized, ‘Come inside and sit near my chair. Today, the Divine has ordered to impart you the Method of Meditation.’ But because of a lack of space, Param Pitaji sat somewhere else. Then again Sai Ji called Param Pitaji to come near the chair of Sai Ji and sermonized after that, ‘I have made you sit here to impart Method of Meditation as I will entrust a special responsibility to you. You will be the leader of Jindaram (Divine) and will bless the world with the Method of Meditation.

In the realm of saints, it is said, "Sant bachan palte nahin, palat jaye brahamand" (the words of a true saint resonate throughout the universe, immutable and eternal). Once spoken, they shape the very fabric of reality, transcending the laws of the cosmos themselves. Such is the power of their divine utterances, never to falter or fade.

The Divine Revelation on 28th February 1960

Numerous tests were conducted by Sai Ji to demonstrate the divine will to the world. Despite saints knowing divine decrees in advance, they were often involved in rigorous trials to impart lessons to humanity and to reveal their chosen successors. In the series of tests conducted by Sai Ji, Param Pitaji exemplified selflessness, profound divine love, unwavering commitment, and unparalleled sacrifice before the world.

Eventually, Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj disclosed this revelation to the world, along with the reason behind the name 'Shah Satnam Singh Ji.' Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj, who blessed His Holiness as the second successor to Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa, bestowed upon him spiritual wealth and bestowed upon him the name 'Shah Satnam Singh Ji,' which was Sardar Harbans Singh earlier.

Shah Mastana Ji revealed, "I tested Satnam  Singh Ji in various ways, without being known to him. Shah Satnam Singh Ji had to forsake his worldly possessions and endure humiliation to grasp this spiritual wealth. He continued, "Today, I have elevated Sardar Satnam Singh Ji from an ordinary individual to the divine.

Explaining the choice of 'Satnam' for his successor's name, Shah Mastana Ji elaborated, "Satnam is the cosmic force that sustains the Universe, the foundational power upon which all galaxies thrive.”

After a while, Shah Mastana Ji expressed concern, pondering, "Only a fraction of the world's population acknowledges saints, while others remain indifferent. How will those souls trapped in the cycle of birth and death, attain salvation?" Shah Mastana Ji reassured by saying, "Any individual who invokes 'Satnam' or has the divine glimpses of His (Shah Satnam Singh Ji's) shall never go to hell."

In a monumental gathering at Dera Sacha Sauda, His Holiness publicly declared with great pomp & show, Shah Satnam Singh Ji as his Spiritual Successor. To further affirm this proclamation, Shah Mastana Ji led a grand procession through the streets of Sirsa, ensuring that the people of Sirsa recognized Param Pitaji as the new spiritual leader of Dera Sacha Sauda.

A Month of ‘Great Benevolence’ for the Whole Mankind

The occasion marking the bestowal of spiritual authority upon Revered Shah Satnam Ji is revered as 'Maha Rehmokaram' or 'Great Benevolence'.

On the day of ‘Rehmo Karam,’ everyone was blessed with the arrival of a compassionate and loving Satguru who transformed their lives into paradises. Shah Mastana Ji marked the Royal Coronation Day with sacred rituals, making it a historic event in human history. It was on this day that the 'Messenger of God' and 'Messiah of humanity' was disclosed. He was believed to have been incarnated to guide the entire world towards the right path.

Spiritual wealth isn't granted to ordinary individuals; it transcends worldly matters. It is believed that those who receive such powers are divinely incarnated with the singular purpose of liberating souls from the cycle of birth and death, bestowing upon them heavenly bliss in this materialistic world. This sacred occasion stands as a golden chapter in human history, celebrated annually as a day of benevolence.

This day stands as a testament to the profound blessings bestowed upon humanity by a truly compassionate and loving Satguru, whose presence transformed lives into realms of heavenly bliss. It is indeed a Great Benevolence that blessed lives with supreme happiness.

The Most Benevolent Saint in History

Nothing can rival the boundless love of a true Guru. It surpasses the vastness of the ocean, outshines the brilliance of the sun, and soothes more than the gentle glow of the moon.

In the realm of the materialistic world, where motherly love reigns supreme, the love of a Guru transcends even the most profound bonds of motherhood.

Indeed, the love of a Guru is unparalleled, extending far beyond the expectations of a parent. Revered Shah Satnam Ji epitomizes such incomparable love, a love that knows no limits or boundaries.

It is often said that once connected to the divine, the bond remains unbroken. Through the grace of the true Master, we have discovered this eternal connection at Dera Sacha Sauda, embodied in the form of Revered Shah Satnam Ji. His love for souls knows no bounds, surpassing even the most profound depths of a mother's affection.

The Complete Month Dedicated to Humanity

The atmosphere of this complete month reverberated with unparalleled jubilation as the torch of spiritual guidance was passed on. Each heart keeps aglow with the radiant blessings bestowed by the Master, enveloping every soul in celestial bliss.

As we embark on the commemoration of this sacred occasion, disciples of Dera Sacha Sauda unite in a month-long celebration, dedicating themselves to acts of benevolence and welfare.

Let us honor this momentous milestone by spreading love, kindness, and goodwill, embodying the timeless teachings imparted by the revered masters. Together, let us continue to illuminate the path of righteousness and enlightenment, perpetuating the legacy of divine grace for generations to come.