Jan 2, 2024

Congratulations to All on the Advent of 105th Holy MSG Incarnation Month

To answer the prayers of souls and alleviate their sorrows, the Almighty descends messengers throughout time. These divine messengers descend to Earth, driven by a profound purpose. While they are born and lead lives as humans, they remain in constant connection with the divine aura and the creator of the celestial realms.

In the annals of Dera Sacha Sauda's history, the incarnation of Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj, the second spiritual master, stands as a pivotal moment. On January 25, 1919, in Shri Jalalana Sahab of Sirsa, Haryana, His Holiness was born to Mata Aas Kaur Ji and Sardaar Varyam Singh Ji. Revered Param Pitaji hailed from the Siddhu dynasty, and his birth was an answered prayer for his parents after 18 years of devout supplication.

Childhood and Commencement of Spiritual Journey

The whole life of Revered Pram Pitaji is the manifestation of deep devotion, commitment, and sacrifice. Since childhood, Revered Param Pitaji displayed profound devotion to the Almighty and astounded people with His unwavering commitment to assisting those in need. In a childhood incident, a distraught man approached Mata Ji, seeking help for his daughter's imminent marriage & requested to give him Rs. 100. Overwhelmed with compassion, Revered Param Pitaji, merely four years old at the time, urged Mata Ji to give the man Rs. 200 for the wedding arrangements, emphasizing that they should consider it as supporting his sister's marriage.

He selflessly expressed, 'I will eat one less Roti, but Mata Ji help him in the way you are doing my own sister’s marriage.' This incident left Mata Ji and the man astonished at how a child of such a tender age could articulate such impactful words and display profound concern for such matters. Such deeply influential incidents continued to characterize Revered Param Pitaji's entire life.

While growing up, the inclination of Revered Param Pita Ji leaned more towards spirituality than mundane affairs. In the pursuit of truth, Param Pitaji met Revered Sai Beparwah Mastana Ji Maharaj during a Satsang, where Sai Ji bestowed celestial benevolence upon all disciples. It was in this transformative moment that Param Pitaji found answers to all his inquiries.

From that very moment, Param Pita Ji wholeheartedly dedicated himself to Sai Ji, becoming a regular attendee of Beparwah Ji's Satsangs. Despite his earnest desire to receive Gurumantra, Param Pita Ji was told by Sai Ji that the right time hadn’t arrived yet. Alongside these words, Sai Ji assured him, saying, "Kaal will not disturb you; continue attending Satsangs. When the opportune moment arrives, I will beckon you by chanting your name."

In accordance with Sai Ji's divine decree, Param Pita Ji diligently attended Satsangs for three consecutive years without receiving the blessed Gurumantra.

The Blessed Day of Getting Method of Meditation

On March 14, 1954, following the sacred Satsang in Dera Sacha Sauda Anami Dham of Ghukanwali, Sai Ji was conferring the privilege of receiving Gurumantra upon deserving individuals. As Beparwah Ji stood upstairs, Sai Ji cast their sacred gaze upon Param Pita Ji and beckoned him by saying, "Harbans Singh Ji (the former name of Param Pita Ji), come to this room and sit near my chair. Today, you have been commanded to receive the Gurumantra."

Following Sai Ji's orders, Param Pita Ji entered the room. However, finding no available space near Sai Ji's chair, Param Pita Ji chose to sit behind others. Upon Sai Ji's entrance, a call by Sai Ji came out for Param Pita Ji to occupy the front seat next to Sai Ji's chair. It was at this moment that Sai Ji spoke words that would redefine the course of universal history. Sai Ji expressed, 'I asked you to sit near my chair because I have a purpose for you. I will appoint you as the leader chosen by the Almighty, tasked with spreading the word of God throughout the world.'

This transformative event unfolded on the sacred day of March 14, 1954, in the village of Ghukanwali, marking the bestowal of Gurumantra upon His Holiness.

Param Pita Ji- The Most Benevolent Spiritual Leader Ever

Sai Ji, conducted numerous tests to find the successor of Dera Sacha Sauda. These tests were organized to get the rightful heir before passing on both his leadership and spiritual powers. After extensive research and as per the divine decree of the Almighty, Sai Ji found his successor in Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj. On the divine date of February 28, 1960, the grand coronation ceremony unfolded. Revered Beparwah Ji adorned Revered Param Pitaji with garlands and introduced Him to the world as the second spiritual leader of Dera Sacha Sauda.

Param Pitaji's method of teaching was profoundly influential yet simple. It connected people from diverse backgrounds and religious beliefs with the divine name of God and illuminated the true purpose of life. Gradually, the influence of Param Pitaji's benevolence and his straightforward teaching style began spreading far and wide.

Since 1960, Param Pitaji has poured boundless love upon disciples, illuminating the path for countless individuals. He has not only composed numerous sacred hymns to disseminate the divine message but also, over the course of 30 years, conducted spiritual congregations in 2250 villages and cities across Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. His profound guidance has successfully steered approximately a million people away from the grip of drugs and the shackles of bad habits.

The blessings and love showered upon the world by Param Pitaji are beyond expression. Today, millions lead improved and dignified lives under the divine guidance of Param Pitaji. People of all ages, from children to youth to elders, are connected to the righteous path with His benevolence.

Param Pitaji preached that day by day, night by night, people will connect spiritually and abandon vices. These sacred words continue to manifest under the divine leadership of Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, the third spiritual master of Dera Sacha Sauda.

Sai Beparwah Shah Mastana Ji planted the seed of spirituality and humanity by establishing Dera Sacha Sauda. Param Pitaji tenderly nurtured this seed for 30 years. Today, under the guidance of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, that seed has grown into a majestic banyan tree. This tree now extends its branches, casting a benevolent shadow of brotherhood, kindness, selfless love, and spirituality, contributing to the world's well-being.

Dedication to Humanitarian Endeavors throughout the Month

As the sacred month of January unfolds, disciples eagerly anticipate yet another period of devoted service and welfare initiatives. This entire month is dedicated to humanity, where devotees earnestly strive to present invaluable gifts to Shah Satnam Ji by assisting the needy and engaging in humanitarian activities. The entirety of January is dedicated to these selfless endeavors, leaving no stone unturned in providing aid and support to those in need.

Prior to the commencement of this sacred month, Revered Saint Dr. MSG conveyed his pure divine love for disciples through a heartfelt letter, inaugurating the 161st welfare initiative named 'Sahara-E-Insan.' This noble endeavor is dedicated to visiting and aiding families who have tragically lost their sole breadwinner or only child to the clutches of drugs. Millions have committed to providing financial assistance and actively working towards alleviating their plight.

The holy month of incarnation has unfolded with divine guidance, and the spirit for welfare is more profound than ever!

Millions are Blessed with a Satguru whose Benevolence is beyond measure!

Those who find a perfect spiritual guide become extremely fortunate. Everyone seeks support, but it's unclear whether worldly support is temporary or genuinely not beneficial. Also, it doesn’t inspire you to walk the right path. A good friend is one who points out your shortcomings, but it’s rare to find such a friend. However, a friend who supports you not only in this world but in the afterlife is none other than a true mentor– the Murshid-E-Qamil Satguru. And in our case, it's Revered Shah Satnam Ji.

Finding such a Satguru is a matter of great fate. He showed us the path of spirituality and taught us to understand and overcome challenges along the way. The tales of someone taking the consequences of another's actions may sound like a myth, but such is the power demonstrated by the true Murshid, Shah Satnam Ji. Let's express gratitude to Murshid Ji every moment and strive to eliminate our shortcomings completely to celebrate this pious month.

Happy MSG Incarnation Month to all!