Dec 15, 2016

Control your desires to lead a peaceful life: Saint Dr. MSG

Every person in this world is searching Happiness for Himself, family,desires a tension, disease free Happy life. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, on Sunday, 11th dec 2016 solved these queries and guides true way to live Happy, tension free life. His Holiness sermons that every moment spent in God's love gives immense happiness and heavenly bliss. God's name is an ultimate tonic has strength to surpass all pain and worries, can only find in Spiritual congregation. Thus everyone must overpower negative thoughts (Mann) and attend "Satsang" in every possible way. His Holiness compares today's people with flying ants before monsoon, people also flying with wings of Corruption, fraud. Saint Dr.MSG guides people to work hard and earn with honesty. Destitute with inner emancipation is far more better than Opulent people without inner peace whom find difficult to have a peaceful sleep on swings of earnings from corruption. Well said by Saint - "Money is a snake can bite any moment" is a best example sufferings of corrupted people by Demonetization. Saint Dr.MSG guides to work hard and earn with honesty. His Holiness gives a brilliant trick to control extravagant expenses by keeping daily accounting in a diary by which daily expenses will be controlled and well monitored. Story of Musa was marvellous, by which His Holiness guides to stay away from arrogance and love every creature of God treating them equal. Saint Dr.MSG solved queries of seekers in Satsang and blessed volunteers who never forget to do welfare works even during marriage celebration. Saint Dr. MSG blessed volunteers who have done extraordinary Welfare works and save people lives. His Holiness also blessed Gold medalists in various sports and inspires to go ahead with confidence. Free Eye Checkup Camp was successfully organized under supervision of Specialist doctors. 11670 people pledged to quit drugs and adopt method of meditation at free of cost.