May 12, 2013



As per the teachings of Revered Guruji, Dera followers try to enlighten the dark lives by donating eyes after the deaths.

What is true philanthropy? What the greatest donation one can make? Guruji insists that the selfless gift of blood during one's lifetime and eyes and other organs after death is one of the greatest donations one can make. The Eye Bank has benefited hundreds of needy patients by providing them vision. Additionally, even the rural hospital at Sri Gurusar Modia in Rajasthan is a fully certified corneal transplant centre and eye bank. Cumulatively, over fourteen hundred eyes are received every year and the best quality corneas are used to give sight to the blind. The eye bank has attained an important place on the research front by doing innovative work. Eyes are preserved by using the latest techniques. The bank is a sterling initiative against corneal blindness

Poojaneeya Mata Kartar Kaur Ji International Eye Bank is located at Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospitals, Sirsa and is one of the busiest in the region.