Mar 4, 2013

Faridabad Abounds With Spirituality

The industrial city Faridabad spruced up with the volunteers of Dera Sacha Sauda and was bestowed with spiritual sermons too. The spiritual discourse (satsang) was held at Sec-12, mini secretariat ground, and lakhs of faithful devotees reached there from far and distant places to let themselves acquainted with the holy sermons of Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. During the discourse, His Holiness Guru Ji acquainted the gathering with the real motive of human life as well as conveyed the message of altruistic services. It seemed as if the whole city thronged over there to get rid of inner vices. Revered Guru Ji blessed 52, 230 seekers with the glorious method of meditation and entitled them to attain salvation. HE quenched the devotees by answering to their questions given in textual form. Several political, social and non-governmental organizations rewarded Guru Ji with the letter of appreciation.

Revered Guru Ji said, "With God's grace only it is possible to attend Satsang(Spiritual Congregation) and they who abide by the holy sermons obtain the maximum benefit out of it. We (Guru Ji) have gone through all the scriptures; all of them unanimously mention that we are one and the God is also one. As per the Hindu scriptures; first man on this earth was Sabhya Manu and first woman was Satrupa, which is why in Hindu religion it is called as 'Manushya' (Man). As per the Islamic scriptures; first man on this earth was Aadam and first woman was Habba so it is called as 'Aadmiyat' .As per the Sikhism scriptures 'manas ki jaat sab eko pehchano' (recognize the human race as one). In Islamic scriptures it is mentioned that God is one and humanity is our caste.

Follow the goodness and avoid the vices 

All the religions say that we are one and God is one. As there is no difference in the taste or color of water, if we call it as 'Neer', 'Jal' or by any of its synonym; same way by calling Supreme Power by any other name does not change it. Man has to bear the fruits of his accumulated bad deeds. One must be knowledgeable (gyan-yogi) and tenacious worker (karma-yogi). Guru mantra is the only means to get rid of sorrows, worries and tensions which neither requires any kind of offering nor any change in one's religious garb. One should never involve in deception, hypocrisy, and never earn through in-genuine means. Self confidence leads man towards success and it can be gained through God's name only. One should always obey and respect their parents.

God's name gives the ecstatic experience which can never ever be attained by any kind of intoxication or drug. With the pure heart and daily meditation on fixed intervals one can get rid of all of his vices and become capable of the holy grace and compassion. Man has destined time for every activity but the only ignorance is for meditation. On devoting fixed time to meditation man can obtain success in each and every field. There is an organization in America namely 'Experience after Death' which states the experiences of the people after death. A section of people, after regaining sense say that at the time of their death they saw an ugly looking and dreadful figure, who took them along with him. Same experiences have been shared by some of the foreigners too. All religions are the science of all sciences. There is no life or any realm, where one goes after death. Now, scientists also agree to the fact that there are hundreds of trinities and life is also possible on many other planets. NASA Science Institute has also approved that 2:00 am to 5:00 am is the best time to meditate which enhances the self confidence of a person. Science has also agreed that the early men were pure vegetarians. It's a misconception that non-veg. provides extra strength. Herbivorous animals like elephants, rhinoceroses, horses, etc are the most powerful animals. Rather non-veg like eggs, meat, etc. are the cause of many ailments such as blood pressure, cancer, etc. on the other hand, vegetarian food can avoid the havoc of such illnesses.

While explaining in reference to the hymn:

"Naam japo re bela japne ka bhai.

Naam bina chhode na kaal kasai"¦"

 sung during Satsang His Excellency Guru Ji said, "Human race is considered an exquisite one amongst all the other species. It has progressed a lot and has invented comfortable and luxurious tools. But destructive atom bombs and other inventions are also a discovery of man due to which world is on the verge of end. It's also true that there is no such harm to the society from animals or birds except man himself. Then why man is called supreme? The reason behind it is that only man can have the divine vision of Almighty God and other species cannot." Drugs are restricted as per all the religions but still how many followers abide by it. If one wishes to have the intoxication then the best kind of intoxication is the name of God, so one must meditate and it will intoxicate a person forever.