Mar 24, 2017

Get entitled to eternal bliss through Meditation

While addressing Devotees in recent spiritual congregation, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan aka Sher-e-hind aka Saint  Dr. MSG Insan  said that only God's words, can protect humans from the bad deeds committed so far. Meditation is the only way to wipe out all the tensions by boosting up will power or confidence, which is present in each human being on this mother Earth. During spiritual congregation of 19th march, 4224 people were blessed with pious method of meditation, also hundreds took humanitarian nectar and swore to quit all the social evils.Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan said that in this age of vice where evils are ruling ,one should meditate daily. Only meditation can act as a protection shield from various life taking diseases. Only those who meditate can experience positive changes in their lives. Existence of God can be felt only with true faith. It's only faith, which helps one to believe in God and his miracles. The one who doesn't have faith on God are always stuck in problems and tensions. That' s why it is well said that one should have faith in God and his existence without any question. One should always concentrate on God or his words while attending spiritual congregation.

God can be seen if one meditates with utmost and true faith.

Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan further added that, in this present age of vices people are devoting most of their precious time, gossiping. Earlier people were afraid if someone got to know that this person is involved in gossips. While gossiping one wastes almost 16-18 breaths per minute. So it is crucial that you don't waste your time. Instead of devoting your crucial and limited time in chitchatting one should be inclined towards God. For mediating on God's words one doesn't have to spare separate time. One can easily and continuously chant god's words while doing day to day activities. In this era the toughest task is to meditate. And if one succeeds in this than he can get anything.

Revered Saint Shah Mastana ji once practically showcased this incident to devotees. Saint called a waste & rag picker and promised him to give double wages than he was actually earning. The man was pretty happy and ready to do whatever saint would ask him. Revered saint said to him you just have to meditate for a while in a day while sitting. Initially that man was too happy but within few minutes he headed towards revered saint to return the money as he was unable to meditate. He said that he would be more than happy picking up waste. Revered saint laughed and said to the people present there that you all can watch this, how difficult is to meditate in this age of vices.

Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan said that in this era people have time for gossiping but if they have to sit for meditation they are not ready. If someone schedules a particular time to sit in meditation then also his focus is on the needles of clock. And the strange part is that when one is struck with some sort of problem than the focus is only on god and his words. So it is aptly said by spiritual saints and written in our holy books that don't wait for problems to knock at your door and disturb your mental and physical peace. Keep on meditating and performing welfare activities with full faith and trust in almighty. Slowly and steadily you will get immense happiness in your life pushing aside all the problems.