Jan 25, 2011

Glaucoma cured with the blessings of Guru Ji

Dr P.R.Nain, Administrative Block, Dera Sacha Sauda. Sirsa Haryana. Glaucoma cured with the blessings of Guru Ji Dr. Nain writes- In the Month of September, 1991, I felt blurring of vision during reading, so I got my spectacles checked for refractive errors. The Doctor told me that there were signs of Glaucoma in my eyes. It was shocking news for me because I knew (being a doctor) that glaucoma is a disease, which decreases eye sight progressively and makes the patient blind. The changes developed in eye because of this disease are not reversible by any kind of operation or medicine I contacted Dr. N. N. Sood, Head of R. P. Center, AIIMS, New Delhi. He is known as father of Glaucoma in India. He got my eyes checked up by computerized tests and then he examined me and declared that I was suffering from Open Angle Glaucoma. He advised me to remaining this follow up with him every 2 months, which I did. In 1993, there was first eye and general medical checkup camp in Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa on December 13th, 14th and 15th. All the devotees who were doctors were called for 'voluntary service' sewa in that camp. Therefore, I also reached here. On December 11th 1993, I along with other doctors from AIIMS, started for Sirsa by car. On the way I developed clear cut and serious signs of Glaucoma i.e. I saw coloured haloes around the lights of vehicles coming from opposite side. I felt that glaucoma has increased, hence this sign has appeared. I thought that I should contact Dr. N. N. Sood as soon as I return from this camp. After the completion of three days camp, I met with Dr. N. N. Sood in R. P. center and told about the symptoms. He recommended me for all the tests in computer room. The othalmologist, who checked me, was perturbed on examining my eyes. He went to Dr. N. N. Sood and called him. Dr. N. N. Sood himself checked all tests. On completion of tests he told me that let's have a cup of coffee in pantry. I was being mentally prepared for listening bad news. I thought that Dr. N. N. Sood will console me and give some bad news, but he intimated as (1) Dr. Nain since I diagnosed your disease and you are in follow up with me since last year, so I cannot doubt my diagnosis. (2) You are also a doctor and we know that Glaucoma is not a self limiting disease. (3) I don't know the reason, but now you are Glaucoma free. On listening him, I was affirmed that Glaucoma has been cured by the grace of Guru Ji during my services rendered in the camp. I was overjoyed and immediately rushed to Sirsa to say thanks to Guru Ji. When I reached Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa, Guru Ji was sitting in Pandal and was meeting Sangat. I met Guru Ji and narrated the whole incident. How the same doctor, who diagnosed me as Glaucoma patient and today as Glaucoma free!!! Guru Ji kept on smiling while listening. I thanked His Holiness for this great act of kindness. I could not find words to express my gratitude. Guru Ji told "No, son! we have not done anything, rather showed you the consequence of humanitarian services. You served the children of God for three days in the camp. In lieu of this, God has given you this fruitful reward. Generally, this disease is impossible to cure, However for God, who can give life to the dead person, nothing is impossible. So He has succored you". I again thanked Guru Ji and went back to my home. A thought used to haunt me day and night whenever I was in solitude, that if the reward of three days service to the humanity is so high then why I am wasting my time here in government service. After that, I started coming for regular sewa in monthly Satsang in Dera. In July 1995, Guru Ji established a multispecialty hospital in the rural area of Rajasthan and I joined that hospital after resigning from the government job. There are tons of people in Dera Sacha Sauda who are like Dr. Nain, those were blessed by Guru Ji , and regularly getting blessings from Guru Ji. -- Dr. P.R. Nain