Apr 9, 2013

God can be attained by relegating the egotism

"God Almighty is the ocean of mercy. One, who abides by the holy sermons, becomes internally pure." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pitaji" by more than 50 million faithful followers) at Shah Satnam Ji Dham premises.

On complying with the holy sermons one gets rids of one's sorrows, worries and tensions. Knowledge without practical implementation does not carry any value. On the contrary, following the holy sermons even with little knowledge is much more beneficial. Consequently, you would become capable to get the happiness. So one must meditate and render selfless services to become internally pure. On becoming egoistic man remains in isolation from the Almighty whereas while giving up the ego only he can attain the Almighty. Without following the holy sermons and with ostentation one can never become capable to get the holy grace and compassion. To complying with the holy sermons is must for everyone. This is the divine grace only that He ignores your all committed sins and bad deeds. But everything has a limit and when the man does not improve himself then God's voiceless sword works i.e. He punishes him for his misdoings and he loses his everything. Those who don't relegate doing bad deeds, even their generations have to face for their nocuous actions. So, one must avoid all these.

If you have love with God Almighty then you must not do anything which could restrict you to moving on the divine path. Saints always wish that everyone must have selfless mutual love, never hurt anyone's sentiments, recite God's name and render selfless services and never ever go against the three cardinal rules of Gurumantra. When the man does not abide by these, remains entangled in the cobweb of worries, tension and depression. Therefore one must be scared of His judgment because no arguments work here. Always remember that there is no place of cleverness in the God's court (eternal abode).