Mar 25, 2013

God Has Several Names But He is The One

"God was one and will remain unique forever. As by calling water with any of its synonym does not change its taste same way Almighty God also does not get changed with different names." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pitaji" by more than 50 million faithful followers) at Huda sector 32 in Karnal (Hry). All the arrangements were felt small before the love and devotion of the followers. Several social, political, religious representatives and administrative officers awarded His Holiness Guruji with the letter of appreciations for conducting the cleanliness campaigns. Revered Guruji imparted the glorious method of meditation to 47,200 seekers and administered them to pledge for quitting drugs, non veg and other social vices.

While explaining the hymn, "Satsang me aakar pucho naam kya hai?..." His Excellency Guruji exhorted, "The method to attain God is taught in Satsang. With this, His grace can be attained very easily. Literal meaning of religion is to accept. Religions are always to unite and not to create the divisions. And love is taught in the religions. So one must follow the religions rather than to show off to be the followers." A few further excerpts from the Satsang are as follows:-

One must give up the bad deeds and abide by the holy sermons. Man must earn by the means of hard work. Money earned through deception and dishonesty will let the inner peace of yours and your family to flee away. As per all the religions, drugs are prohibited. If one wants to get intoxicated it must be of divine love which never gets stopped. God's name bestows immense happiness. With the resort to Gurumantra self confidence enhances which is the key to success.

God has bestowed the treasure trove of breaths to everyone but man loses it due to getting entangled in the cobweb of lust, avarice, ego and wealth. As and when the soul departs the body, body becomes useless irrespective of the age. An institution namely 'Research after death' has the evidence of experiences shared by several people who got the same surface of life to their dead bodies. Today scientists are also agreed to the fact of existence of the soul and the Almighty. Religions are based on both of these. To attain God one don't need to get involved in any kind of ostentation or to put on any specific dress. God is attained through true devotion. If the man has ten percent of the love and feelings for the Lord which he has for his children then he would be able to have an access to the Almighty. He is present in each and every particle. As there is ghee in the milk, fragrance in the flowers, and there is specific process to obtain them same way there is a method to attain the Lord and become capable to have the divine vision. That method is known as Gurumantra.

With meditation, sorrows, worries and tensions flee away and one gets inner peace and happiness. During the Satsang many inquisitive people asked the questions in written form as why the volunteers used to participate in cleanliness drives and what Guruji gives them to eat to instill enthusiasm inside them. While answering to these questions Revered Guruji told, "These volunteers are given God's name to eat and the ruhani jaam (the nectar of humanity) to drink. And with these they become so passionate to serve the society."