Jul 10, 2014

The God's Name is a Treasure of Happiness- Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

"The God, Almighty, Divine being, Allah is omnipresent. Everyone is eager to know and read about His physique, color and looks. Although, God does not possess any physical attributes but depending upon one's feelings and picture framed for Him, He entertains him/her in that manner." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji Insan during the Spiritual Discourse (Satsang) held at the Ashram premises. This holy program was conducted post two months when Revered Guruji arrived back from the spiritual emancipation voyage of Southern India. Despite the scorching heat, scores of followers reached the marquee. They intently and devotedly listened to holy sermons and attained the holy blessings. Revered Guruji narrated the importance of the Method of Meditation. Pujya GuruJi's Website

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