Mar 29, 2023

Guru Ka Patra, 24 March 2023

Our dearest children, Trust/Management Committee and volunteers,

‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra’ to all and many blessings!

Our millions of dearest children, we had previously announced that the sacred method of meditation was bestowed upon us by Parampita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj on 25th March 1973, and this day would be celebrated as ‘MSG Bhandara’. However, you would be elated to know that Parampita Shah Satnam Ji and Shah Mastana Ji were also blessed with the method of meditation in the same month. Henceforward, 25th March would be celebrated as ‘MSG Gurumantra Bhandara’. Therefore, many congratulations to all of you on the ‘MSG Gurumantra Bhandara’, our blessings for you and your families to be bequeathed with novel spiritual joys.

Beloved children, during our 40-day stay at U.P. this time, you gifted us with two lovely and massive presents on the occasion of ‘Bhandara’. The first present was the accomplishment of Mega Cleanliness Drive and cleansing the entire state of Haryana in a mere five and a half hours, which is a record in itself. But thereafter you cleaned Rajasthan, a state eight times the size of Haryana, in just 6.5 hours, completing the stupendous, incredible and grand ‘Yajna’ of Mega Cleanliness Drive. There is no way in which we can reciprocate these marvellous gifts, but still, as your ‘Guru’, we pray to the Supreme Lord that may you be blessed with unique joys as numerous as the kilometres you travelled from your homes to perform this selfless service, and may Lord bless you with as many benefits in your profession as well. Satguru will definitely grant these blessings; you just need to stay firm on the three principles and have unwavering faith.

Satguru Ji’s dearest devotees, earlier you had all decided to form the political wing, and now you have dissolved it as per your own decision. Our blessings were there with you earlier as well as now. We would once again want to sermonize that we were your ‘Guru’ (Spiritual Master), we are your ‘Guru’ and we shall forever be your ‘M.S.G. Guru’. As your Spiritual Master, we are exhorting our 6.5 crore children to work in unison and stay united. We urge you to not be swayed by any other influence except for your Guru, which is us, and to avoid actions that could jeopardize your cohesion. Avoid being misled into actions that might disrupt your unity. We give you our word as ‘M.S.G. Guru’ that we will provide complete support for all humanitarian endeavors and virtuous actions, and will continuously provide our guidance. Many blessings to all of you on the ‘MSG Gurumantra Bhandra and Month’.