Dec 15, 2023

Hope, Compassion, and Empowerment- The Third Day of the 32nd Mega Free Eye Camp is Creating Waves of Humanity

As the 32nd Mega Free Eye Camp progresses, the impact it has on individuals and the community at large becomes increasingly evident. The third day's success is a sign of more lives being touched, and more hope being restored. It symbolizes a collective step toward a brighter, clearer future for those who once thought it was beyond their reach. This is how MSG Sewa Bhandara is leaving its deep impact on countless lives.

The third day witnessed eye examinations for 6,292 patients. Among them, 2,650 were men and 3,642 were women. Following the examinations, 199 patients were selected for surgeries, including 174 cataract surgeries and 25 glaucoma surgeries, to be conducted by specialized ophthalmologists led by Dr. Monica Garg and Dr. Geetika, among other medical professionals, in the state-of-the-art operation theaters of Shah Satnam Ji Specialty Hospital.

Additionally, 105 patients have already undergone successful surgeries. With high-quality medical facilities and expertise available at Shah Satnam Ji Specialty Hospital, the patients are getting the best treatment ever. The Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing volunteers are actively engaged in serving patients during the camp, providing free eyeglasses and medications. Patients and their accompanying family members express their satisfaction with the facilities and services offered during the camp.

Every individual's hygiene is meticulously attended to. Upon registration, masks are provided, and every patient's hands are thoroughly sanitized to prevent any potential infections. From the initial registration to the final checkup and even during the process of shortlisting for surgeries, every patient receives comprehensive care and attention to ensure their well-being.

Furthermore, on Thursday evening, 69 patients who had undergone surgeries on the first day were discharged, including 50 cataract and 19 glaucoma surgery patients. Free eyeglasses and medications continue to be provided to patients at the camp. The medical staff, as well as Shah Satnam Ji Green ’S’ Welfare Force volunteers, are tirelessly attending to the needs of patients. Following the surgeries, the medical staff in the hospital's medical ward is providing comprehensive medical care, and the paramedical staff is ensuring that patients receive tea, snacks, meals, etc., at their bedsides.

Registration and examinations for patients are taking place at the Shah Satnam Shah Mastana Ji Dham and Manavta Bhalayi Kendra, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa. Separate cabins have been set up for men and women for examinations and registrations. The eye examinations are being conducted by renowned ophthalmologists from various medical colleges across the country. The examination process will continue until December 15th, and selected patients for surgery will undergo procedures at a later date.

By offering top-notch screening services, the camp becomes a vehicle for empowerment, enabling individuals to envision a future without any visual impairments. It is a reminder that everyone deserves the best in healthcare, regardless of their circumstances.