Mar 15, 2020

How to Safeguard Yourself Against the Virus that Shook the World - Corona

Origin and Evolution of Corona Virus

Corona Virus has been a sensation for the world since the beginning of this year. This is the same family of virus that has been successful in causing a stir in the form of SARS in the year 2003. The current one is named COVID-19 as it was diagnosed by the end of the year 2019. This virus is considered deadly due to its extremely contagious nature. And millions around the world are on quarantine due to this feature. The number of people affected by the virus this time is phenomenal thanks to the ever-growing connectivity and population growth in the last decade. Corona has become synonymous with a nightmare due to the above factors and controlling this epidemic is the best solution, given that a vaccine for the same does not exist. So the best one can do is such a scenario contains the spread of the virus. This is a challenge in itself, given the deadly contagious nature of this disease. And most countries are already fighting with the deadly virus on war footing level. Be it the highly developed countries like the USA, Italy, Australia, South Korea or China for that matter, where most patients for the disease have been discovered.

Number of Deaths

Worldwide more than 4000 people are killed due to this virus. Although millions have contracted the disease, the fatality rates are low. But given the phenomenal spread, the ones left dead are still quite high a number. So far, most developed countries are in the grip of this disease, but what experts are worried about is if the disease is contracted in developing or underdeveloped countries, the mortality rate may just multiply, given the lack of infrastructure and population issues.

What Does it Hold for India?

There are a couple of cases in the Indian subcontinent as well. But the situation is under control for now. Health ministry has issued advisories restricting access to the countries affected severely. And also the trade with these countries has stopped completely. But what is the worrying factor is for how long? Worldwide in close to dozen countries, people are living in locked-down mode with even Schools, colleges, Malls, and public places shut down. We cannot imagine what life must be like in these places? And India definitely will be much more affected if the cases increase here given our lack of infrastructure and public health facilities. So one thing that we can all rely upon to be safe from this horror is stock up on immunity and follow hygiene and best practices every single time.

Boost Your Immune System

Here are some of them for you which will also help you to stay away from the Corona Virus. In fact, Guru Ji Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has been warning of these fatalities for decades. Apparently the cause of this havoc is the practice of eating wild animals like bats and snakes. As this virus emerged in China, and the Chinese are known to eating all sorts of insects and animals, this was a much-predicted scenario. This also means that the world really needs to choose what it takes on its plate with a lot of caution. It doesn't mean that eating only wild animals leads to this, eating animals, or non-veg of any sort will lead to diseases sooner or later. Many experts have linked Cancer and Heart Diseases to non-vegetarianism. Although, many would still argue that there have been no hard core proofs and these are just coincidences, but the wise would stay away while they still have time, else the ones waiting for proofs may turn into history warns Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.


Follow these time tested tips from Saint Dr. MSG to stay away from the killer Corona.

Do Pranayam

15 minutes morning and evening, Pranayam is a very effective way to increase immunity. This necessary includes mindful breathing. Taking long and slow breaths mindfully strengthens your lungs and the entire system. Make sure you sit straight and in a relaxed position. So do not forget to include Pranayam in your daily routine morning and evening.


This is a panacea for all diseases. Nothing can beat meditation done morning and evening, on God's true words. This will increase your willpower making you strong against anything, a small virus is nothing in front of the will of a human being.

Jog Regularly

Regular jogging will also help in fighting against viruses and diseases of all sorts. Grab your pair of shoes and be ready to fight the Corona catastrophe now.

Eat Pista and Paneer

Regular consumption of these two items helps in building immunity. So include small amounts of these two power-packed immunity boosters in your diet, without fail.

Hand sanitization and regular washing

This one is the basic, yet the most effective way to stay clear of a Corona patient. Incidentally, Guru Ji has even established a World record, for most people sanitizing their hands in the year 2012. And the exact count of people making this record was 7675. All we can see is Guru Ji may have heard the knock of this disease right then, to instill this habit in their disciples. Here is a link for your reference:

Use traditional Medicinal Herbs like Neem, Tulsi, Aloe Vera Regularly

In fact, Tulsi has been recommended as the number one herb against viral attacks fever and respiratory diseases. One can put some leaves in hot water and drink this water, after letting it infuse for some time.

Stay Away From Junk

Including the colas, the pizza, ice-creams, pastries, noodles, etc. As these food items may trigger dehydration in your throats. To keep the virus at bay, it is advised to keep your throat hydrated regularly. So best is to include nutritious items that are high on fluids and water content. Fruits and vegetables may be your best bets.

Consuming Cow Milk

It may well be a good idea as Cow Milk has huge benefits in every area of human health. This has been quoted as Amrit by our Gurus and Saints since ancient times. Incidentally, Guru Ji has also promoted Cow Milk to be used as a party drink rather than the drinks used with empty calories and even established a world record for the biggest Cow Milk Party.

And Don't Forget Our Traditional Way of Greetings

Yes our Namaste, and even touching feet of elders, needs to be brought back to the fore, instead of the Hi, Hello, and Handshake. In fact, people world over are going Namaste and in China, the bodies of people dying from the disease are burnt rather than burying them as opposed to their tradition. So here we have, the world-embracing Indian values, which are proving their efficacy in warding off viruses and bacteria. Our wise rishis could sense the dangers in the womb of Earth thousands of years ago and therefore they have created this timeless lifestyle called Hinduism. Guru Ji is often seen quoting this above sentence in His Satsangs too, but it's only in times like these, can one really connect all the dots.