Nov 1, 2020

Incarnation Month of Messenger of God - Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj

When souls cry to get salvation from worldly sorrows and emancipation from Karmic cycles then Thou marches to earth and rescue souls! Thy benevolence by taking birth in this mortal world and leaving eternal abode is beyond words and we are highly indebted to Thou for blessing us with holy presence!

Saints take birth to let people dive into spirituality, into a real pleasure. The first spiritual master Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj took birth on Kartik Poornima of 1891. At the birth of Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj, humanity revived and people got an assured path to salvation for which they were wondering for long. His Holiness preached for 12 years and provided the best part of existence to the whole world. From the year 1948 to 1960, He turned the miseries into blooms that even grown by each second.

Journey to Attain Salvation!

The earlier name of His Holiness was Khema Mal Ji, which later Huzoor Baba Sawan Singh Ji changed and honored as 'Mastanon Ka Mastana - Shah Mastana Ji'. He manifested a true example of devotion and love towards God that people admired to the core. Since childhood, Guruji carried deep reverence towards God and left home at 14 years of age in search of a true Spiritual Master who can let Him meet Almighty. However, whoever He met was not able to satiate His desire of meeting God. After nine years of searching for Satguru, He finally got the real one in His Holiness Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj in Beas, Punjab, India. There He found the real Satguru and attained a method of meditation from Babaji and attained an assured way to salvation. Messenger of God - Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj - Dera Sacha Sauda He grasped the divine pleasure and deep satisfaction by attending spiritual congregations. He used to dance on the arrival of Baba Sawan Singh Ji with extreme jollification. After watching His devotion, endless love for God Babaji honored Him with the name 'Shah Mastana'!

Devised Holy Slogan - Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra

Shah Mastana Ji usually chants 'Dhan Dhan Sawan Shah Sai Tera Hi Aasra', 'Dhan Dhan Mere Makhan Malaayi Tera Hi Aasra', 'Haazar Naajar Zindaram Tera Hi Aasra'. After hearing so, some jealous people complaint to Sawan Singh Ji that Shah Mastana Ji evolved His own slogan. Then after hearing these slogans from Shah Mastana Ji, Sawan Singh Ji became so happy with Him. Then Baba Sawan Singh Ji accepted the slogan as 'Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra' a common slogan of all religions. It means,

Dhan Dhan: God is worth praising only

Satguru: A common word for Om, Hari, Allah, Waheguru, God, Khuda, Rabb

Tera Hi Aasra: We are completely dependent upon Him and He can bestow His help anytime, anywhere!

A Great Spiritual Leader!

Witnessing His deep love, reverence, and devotion towards God, Sawan Singh Ji handed over sacred duties of saving Almighty's souls from negative powers and let them meet Almighty to get salvaged from worldly sorrows. In the Bagarh vicinity, Shah Mastana Ji initiated His journey as a spiritual leader and then turn to Sirsa to propagate the method of meditation. Related Article: 128th Incarnation Day of His Holiness Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj | Kartik Purnima.

A Philanthropist!

The kindness and big heart of Shah Mastana Ji were second to none. He used to wear ripped clothes but distribute riches to common people. To motivate them to recite God's words by taking a method of meditation, He distributed cloths, currency notes, gold, silver, or anything people wanted to have. By giving so abundantly, His Holiness never asked anything in return as His mission was to meet people with God and let them feel divine ecstasy. People across the world used to meet Him to know how He is inspiring the masses and giving real satisfaction. Whoever visited Him became His devotee by getting inspired by His divine charisma. No one goes bare-handed after reaching His Holiness.

Birth Month Festivities!

When the spiritual saint marches on the earth, the entire remorse of the earth washes away and when He is your spiritual master then you don't need a reason to celebrate. And when the pious day or month arrives then each day is a new festivity to commemorate. This year, the pious incarnation day falls on 30th November. Being the spiritual institute, Dera Sacha Sauda is a pivot in humanitarian works to uplift spirituality. So, the celebrations, as usual, will be marked by indulging in varied humanitarian activities. The disciples celebrate each day by leaving their vices and gift their Almighty by becoming the humans He preaches to become. Besides many welfare activities are carried on such as food distribution, cloth, toy, book donation, construction of new homes, blood donation, tree plantation, and many others. Heavy preparations worldwide are done to celebrate these special days. Every heart remains filled with unending joy and pleasure to celebrate this festive aura.