Jun 21, 2019

Yoga a never-ending treasure of complete well-being: - International Day Of Yoga (IDY 2019) special

It is a known fact that meditation and yoga get relief from stress, focussing mind from different disciplines and helps in stabilizing the mind in a particular task. Humans are attracted to something only when they get benefit from them. And Yoga is gaining widespread acceptance, thanks to its amazing benefits.

Rev. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has been advocating "Yoga as a very effective way to ward off diseases and practicing Yoga along with Pranayama, can work wonders in improving concentration and stillness of mind".

The best part about Yoga is that it a complete package that works on all levels, including physical, mental and spiritual. No other form of routine for wellbeing is as complete as Yoga. And International Day of Yoga instituted by the UN in the year 2014, was for the same reason, to spread awareness and reach for this amazing branch of Science and well being. The theme for IDY 2019 is climate action to raise awareness towards the issue of climate change, that is posing a huge threat to the existence of entire humanity

The word 'Yoga' is derived from Sanskrit and it basically means to join or to unite, symbolizing, coexistence or union of the body along with consciousness". The UN acknowledged the idea of yoga day, as Yoga "continues to grow in popularity" across the world.

Yoga not only strengthens our body but also strengthens and satisfies the mind and the spirit. Yoga also has many benefits in daily life.

Let's introduce them

Yoga is beneficial for all men and women, children, young and old. According to physical abilities and elasticity, changes in yoga asanas can be made to accommodate every body type. And this does not reduce the effectiveness of this age old practice.

Yoga on mind and emotions | IDY 2019

It is very important to have positive thoughts in life. The disappointing idea leads to failure. Yoga is the communication of positive energy in the mind. Yoga receives spiritual strength and dispels feelings of anxiety, contradiction, and despair with the mind.

By yoga, the mind gets spiritual peace and comfort, which brings happiness and enthusiasm in the mind, and its direct effect is on personality and well-being. In fact, yoga and meditation go hand in hand. If practiced together along with pranayama, you can be a treasure of positivity, self-confidence and loads of will powers, says Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Freedom from stress

Stress itself is a disease that invites many other diseases and medical science also accepts this fact. One important advantage of yoga is that it provides relief from stress. Being stress-free has a positive effect on the body and mind, and the ability to work better also increases.

Development of mental abilities | IDY 2019

Remembrance and intellectual capacity are considered to be the main means of progress in life. Yoga develops mental capabilities and also has a qualitative effect on memory power. Yoga is helpful in meditation. Remembrance power develops manifold with a concentrated mind. Therefore Yoga is the best practice that students can inculcate in their day to day life.

Elasticity in the body | IDY 2019

Yoga makes the body strong and flexible and at the same time, improves immunity, posture, and balance. Hence yoga is preferred over other means of workouts and routines, as this is the oldest yet highly flexible means of training Human mind, body, and spirit. What's more one can build resistance, endurance, patience and a host other qualities which you cannot imagine.

Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has been showing various asanas Himself, to motivate the followers to take up this ancient practice for a disease-free life.

Students from Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions have even represented India in yoga at international levels and bagged hundreds of medals in this field. These players are definitely promoting this wonderful gift from India with their talent and skill. And the world is thanking India, for this wonderful branch of wisdom and well being.

International Yoga Day is a wonderful start to adopt this age-old practice if you have not yet got a taste of this wonderful remedy for all ailments.