Apr 5, 2017

Meditation can work wonders in increasing Brain power

In the spiritual congregation of 2nd April 2017, Saint Dr.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan blessed 2275 people with pious method of meditation. Lacs of people reached Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa from various corners of country to paint themselves in spiritual hues. 

Thousands consumed divine humanitarian nectar and swore to quitall social evils with the aim to uplift humanity.  Saint Dr.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insanthrough his pious Sermonsstated that in this era where negative powers are at peak, be aware of illegitimate acts and immorality. In this age of vices people pretend that they are your well wishers, but in reality they are opposite of their sayings. And when one starts following these negative thoughts his distance from supreme power automatically increases.

In order to clarify the doubt on general meaning of mind, Dr. MSG said that all the negative thoughts are given by mind and all the positive thoughts are given by our subconscious mind(Aatma). In the present age of vices, negativity rules. Fear of loosing the game comes first to everyone& mind instead of winning. This is the only reason why people are unable to get immense happiness throughout their life.

Dr.MSG added that in this mortal world, only god& words or meditation is super tonic to get rid of negativity. Through meditation one can get success in every field. His holinessfurthersaid that never ever follow negative thoughts which are ruling you. Instead focus on meditation or god's words to rattle away these negative powers. The dominating powers of negativity can be witnessed from the fact that if one sneezes while attending spiritual congregation than also mind questions that what is the reason of it. In other words if anything happens while attending spiritual congregation then according to negativity its all because of congregation. But this type of thinking is altogether is a myth. He further added that when one attends spiritual congregation there are cent percent chances that there will be minimal effect of bad deeds on one's life. Dr. MSG said that more then six crore people have witnessed this fact.   The number   of people present who were fighting with fatal diseases like fourth stage cancer, HIV aids etc.   but with the grace of God and regular meditation their reports are normal. Although medical science doesn't accept this but when doctors themselves check the reports of such people they also rest saying that Supreme Power can do anything.

Saint Dr.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan further discoursed that a true spiritual saint is like a teacher or a guide or a mentor. As in education institutions, mentors tend to stand at some higher place in order to mentor whole class while keeping an eye at every corner of class also it is a human tendency that we want see the person who is speaking. Secondly it is written in our sacred books that wherever spiritual congregation is organized at that place God is present in every minute place. This is the only reason I am sitting on a stage which is placed at some height in order to calm down the human tendency of watching who is speaking plus to see the God.

Meditation is the only way to increase our confidence. Will power is omnipresent. Everyone   has ample amount of will power within themselves on this earth. It's just that how much we use it. Humans are able to invent supercomputers, explosive products by just utilising only 10-15 percent of brain power. Brain power is directly proportional to will power or confidence level. If 15 percent of brain can bring up such inventions in front of us than what all miracles can happen if 50 percent utilization of brain power is possible. We can enhance our brain power through meditation and utilize it in inventions that will benefit the whole society. Saint Dr. MSG added that the development of brain depends on the amount of utilisation alongwith meditation. The more we utilize it, the more it grows. So in nutshell keep on using the miraculous brain power.

Revered Saint Dr.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, stated through his   pious sermons that humans are the only creations of God that can meditate on this mortal universe. So one should regularly meditate in order to stay away from fatal diseases and tensions. Meditation is the only way to stay happy and tension free on this earth. Therefore, one should fix time for meditation.