Apr 18, 2013

Meditation Purifies The Conscience

"Meditation and rendering altruistic services to the mankind are two ways by which man can never be enslaved by the Kaal (negative power). Meditation is reciting The holy Words, the words of Supreme Power which is known as 'Omkar' as per the Hindu religions, 'Noor-e-Jalal' & 'Allah Tallah' in Islam, 'Ik Onkar' as per the Sikh religion, and 'Supreme Power' as per the English Scriptures. When one keeps on repeating these words consciously (through tongue) and then mind become internally pure. Consequently, a person becomes capable to obtain the divine vision of Almighty." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pita Ji" by over 50 million faithful followers presently). A few further excerpts from the Satsang are as follows:

On being internally pure only one can envision the Supreme Power and obtain the holy grace. And to become internally pure one needs to meditate and render selfless services, help the poor and needy, provide food to hungry and water to the thirsty. Illustrating, Guru Ji said that supposedly your child is starving and is in pain on one side; so do you go through the same at the other end, thinking of the child's pain and agony. In that case if anyone provides food and water or takes your child to hospital, in case of any mishap; then you would be filled with gratitude, love and affection for that person. Similarly, all are the children of one God, and if one does well for them then God would definitely return many-folds to you and your generations even. One should never let the negative thoughts to creep within. Guru Ji said that if anyone motivates you to move on the path of vices then that person could never be your companion or well wisher; rather that person is your enemy deceiving you by pretending to be your friend. And internally your mann (negative aspect of mind) is obviously deceiving you. So you must never follow the internal or external enemy. One who tries to diverge you from the path of God, you are advised to maintain a gap from that person and don't even have any discussion with the one who inspires you to do anything wrong. By following these things you can receive the divine exhilarations and happiness. There are many expert of leg pulling who are never happy to see others progressing and try their every best attempt to ruin them. On the contrary, if Saints say anything angrily that too out to be a boon and they always pray to Almighty to nullify man's bad deeds in this way even. So to become internally pure it is mandatory to meditate and render selfless services. Consequently, you would become worthy of the divine grace.