May 13, 2019

Mother's Day wishes to True Satguru


Mother- Caretaker of every soul, that cares for his kids in both worlds

Today as we celebrate Mother's Day, let us wish our True Satguru Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan for holding the hands of his children and guiding them till infinity.

When we think of Satguru, Ram, Allah, Waheguru, God just one thought emerges in every mind. He is there for all. He cares for all equally, based on their karmas and their share in this world. But his love is unsurpassed. Religious texts are full of praise for lord-Master. They also express their inability to sing the praise of the Master, even though they go on singing for every breath of their lives. His glory is beyond words.

Satguru's love has no boundaries, no comparisons possible from a worldly view. Most of the times, a Master is given the status of a Mother. As a mother takes care of her child unconditionally with dedication and passion, Lord Master is considered at par. Although he is the master of both universe, his love surpasses a mother's love a thousand times, but since we know only this love, being in this world. Master is considered a mother for a soul in both worlds.

Satguru is the True Mother that never stops caring for his children |  Mother's Day

A Mother cares for her children for as long as they are young and unable to look after themselves. Once they grow, Mothers are relieved of this duty. But Satguru Master always sees his children as young and needing love and care every moment till the last breath of their lives and beyond. He is there for them in heat, cold, every other crisis. He is known to never leave his children's side come what may.

They may even commit mistakes, but this Mother never gives up on his children. His faith on his children is undeterred considering a soul is on its journey for thousands of years and the mistakes committed would be infinite. And so his love that never strays in the face of mistakes or even the soul itself refusing to understand or acknowledge the love of its creator.

His benevolences are infinite |  Mother's Day

This creator is forever there with his creations guiding them, showing them the path and loving them unconditionally. A Mother's Day is an occasion when children express their love for their mothers, the ones who brought them in this world. And rightly so, Mother's love is the best blessing for any child.

Let us express gratitude to the mother of both worlds, the True Satguru, true Master Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, whose unconditional love for his souls is the panacea for every problem, worry, and tension in this life. This love is the reason millions are treading the path of humanity and spirituality.