Feb 5, 2013

Negative Thoughts are Bridled by Sumiran

A man is bestowed with the predestined treasure of breaths by the Almighty. When he goes from this world, he takes along the fruits of the deeds he has done in this world with those breaths. Satguru Almighty has made these breaths valuable by conferring the glorious method of meditation. If one practices recitation on Gururmantra then he gets the happiness of both the worlds while living in this world.

One should abide by the holy words of Saints. Saints always keep making the person to understand. Which kind of disciples (sadh sangat) comes to attend satsang or whatever is the call around Saints quench them by answering accordingly. That Almighty only makes the Saints to answer. Divine name exclusively can remove sadness, miseries and tensions of the human being. It is compulsory to do sewa and sumiran to wash away the layers of dusty ills, which restricts the man to have divine vision. Therefore, remember God, follow the preachings so that you can become capable of pleasures in both the worlds and could see that Almighty in every particle. On realizing that God within, one gains the spiritual peace, self-reliance and such a power is felt that is very difficult to express in words. Therefore, one can feel the blessings of Almighty; the nectar, (the Hari Ras, Aabohayat) that is continuously showering inside him.

He would be free from the grip of mann-maya by reciting Gurumantra. Noose of lust, anger, greed, love, pride, heart and wealth can be snapped with glorious Naam Shabd. Whenever any evil thought cultivates within, it is imperative to do sumiran for 5-7 minutes, walk for a while and then again do sumiran for 2-4 minutes. This way, at least 80% of thoughts will come under control. Then gradually he would become spiritually powerful and the bad deeds would be nullified. Therefore, man should not follow bad thoughts. Thoughts keep on cultivating within but one should not abide by. The one who bridles the negative thoughts wins the whole world on its own because such human being are the happiest ones in this universe and gets the immense happiness.