Feb 8, 2014

Pledges taken by Dera followers in the Incarnation Months

The followers of Dera Sacha Sauda have started a new tradition to bring a change in the society by bringing change in their own selves first. The whole idea was born by the inspiration of Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, when His Holiness asked the devotees to leave their vices every day, if they want to gift something to HIM in the Incarnation Months. Adhering to the teachings of Revered Guru Ji then, the devotees earnestly did the same and thus, the new custom begun from November 2013 wherein devotees introspect the evil habits within their self and then, voluntarily pledge in front of His Holiness to quit them.

Since Nov 2013, the devotees of Dera Sacha Sauda have taken oath to quit near about 50 bad habits during the Incarnation Months of Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj & Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj.

Pledges Taken by Devotees:

S.No. Date Pledge
1. 2-Nov-2013 Will never listen to evil-mind and evil-minded people.
2. 3-Nov-2013 Will never show anger.
3. 7-Nov-2013 Will never condemn and backbite others.
4. 9-Nov-2013 Will never speak rude.
5. 11-Nov-2013 Will maintain cleanliness at home, ashram and in surroundings.
6. 12-Nov-2013 Will avoid hatred and jealousy
7. 17-Nov-2013 Will keep a firm faith on our true master (Satguru) and never consider anyone else equal to our Satguru.
8. 23-Nov-2013 Will surely attend weekly & Block's Naamcharcha.
9. 26-Nov-2013 Will never seek ill for anyone, neither by actions nor by thoughts.
10. 30-Nov-2013 Will move on the path of God's Words with full pride & dignity; will die for the honor & prestige of our Satguru.
11. 1-Jan-2014 Will avoid practice of leg-pulling.
12. 1-Jan-2014 Will never mind the sayings (teachings) of Pita Ji.
13. 4-Jan-2014 Will never grab other's rightful earnings; will never keep the borrowed money and pay the debt on time.
14. 5-Jan-2014 Will always keep ourselves away from bad company.
15. 8-Jan-2014 Will avoid watching any obscenity on TV, internet or magazine etc.
16. 9-Jan-2014 Will never be egoistic.
17. 9-Jan-2014 Will never feel jealous of others' virtues. Instead, will try to develop those in our ownself.
18. 9-Jan-2014 Will never hurt anyone by taunting.
19. 10-Jan-2014 Will introspect our own demerits, rather looking the same in others and will try to remove them from self.
20. 10-Jan-2014 Will stay true in financial and other dealings.
21. 11-Jan-2014 Will never oppress anyone nor will tolerate it.
22. 11-Jan-2014 Will never indulge in any hypocrisies and superstitions.
23. 12-Jan-2014 Will never discriminate and taunt anyone on the basis of high-low castes.
24. 12-Jan-2014 Will always avoid dishonesty and fraudulence with others.
25. 13-Jan-2014 Will never instigate anyone for evil deeds; not will get provoked by anyone.
26. 14-Jan-2014 Will never obstruct anyone in their progress (in good deeds). Instead, will support them as much as possible.
27. 18-Jan-2014 Will meditate upon God's words for a minimum of 15 minutes or as much as possible every morning & evening.
28. 18-Jan-2014 Will never forget the beneficence of True Master (Satguru); will always thank Him for the kindness.
29. 18-Jan-2014 Will never pay the Nara (Dhan Shan Satguru Tera Hi Asra) on every other thing and if said, will stick to that thing forever.
30. 19-Jan-2014 Will not shake during distressed times.and keep a firm faith on the Satguru always.
31. 20-Jan-2014 Will not lie in front of the Satguru.
32. 21-Jan-2014 Will not uselessly with each other during Majlis & Satsang.
33. 21-Jan-2014 Will consider both the girl & boy child as equal. And will not discriminate between daughter and daughter-in-law.
34. 21-Jan-2014 Will not be partial and favor relations in any kind during Sewa.
35. 23-Jan-2014 Will not be gullible and will not make a wrong impression about anyone on the basis of mere hearsay.
36. 23-Jan-2014 Will not inform anyone about the Pitaji's sayings (Vachans) by editing them (adding/deleting something), for your own selfish motive.
37. 24-Jan-2014 Will never make use of child labour. Rather, will provide all possible help to the children trapped in child labour.
38. 24-Jan-2014 Will not stand up after the conclusion of Majlis or Satsang until permission as per the Pitaji's Vachans is granted.
39. 24-Jan-2014 Will concentrate on our duty during the Sewa and meditate upon God's Words as much as possible.
40. 25-Jan-2014 Will not follow any person blindly, instead, will abide by the teachings of the Satguru always.
41. 25-Jan-2014 Will perform true devotion and not pretend of it.
42. 25-Jan-2014 If the child does any mistake, will not scare him by saying that Pita Ji will get angry. Rather, will explain him that if he will perform good deeds, Pita Ji will bestow happiness upon him.
43. 26-Jan-2014 Will not use abusive language.
44. 27-Jan-2014 Will support the volunteers (sewadars) on duty during their sewa. And volunteers too will not speak rude or wrong during sewa
45. 27-Jan-2014 Husband & Wife will respect and give regard to their parents-in-law as their own parents.
46. 27-Jan-2014 Will not laugh at others' troubles; instead, will try to help him in all possible ways to get the trouble away.
47. 29-Jan-2014 Will not leave the cattle (who have stopped giving milk or are of no use in farming) to stray; instead, will take care of them or will send them to Goushala (cowshed).
48. 30-Jan-2014 Will maintain chastity before marriage and will keep self-restraint after marriage.