May 9, 2013

Prostitution Eradication

Stop Prostitution


The poor and hapless women, who were exploited and abused by society, would be re-integrated into the social mainstream by this unique initiative. Human trafficking has caused a demonic commodification of helpless girls who are often sold into this trade.

Heeding to Guruji’s call to help those who are forced into prostitution, Around 1500 young men have stepped forward to marry and thus rehabilitate those who want to quit sex work and make a fresh beginning in life. Hundreds of families publicly committed to legally adopt them as their sisters and daughters. Likewise, scores of family have offered to legally adopt the children of unmarried sex workers, irrespective of their gender.
This event on 25th January was unique and the first in history with over 10 million Dera members cheering and celebrating this groundbreaking event of marriages of emancipated sex workers with young eligible bachelors to amalgamate them in the mainstream of the society.
This day coincides with the birthday celebrations of the previous preceptor saint, Shah Satnamji Maharaj. Apart from the event itself it shall spread awareness in the society that such girls who were forced to enter prostitution are welcome back to join the society. This will usher in a global program against such social evils.

Guru Ji Says


During a spiritual assembly, someone pointed out that the world’s most ancient profession could probably never be eradicated, Guruji replied with humility that society must not give up until a beginning has been made. Indeed his exhortation has yielded results and within a short span of time amass movement is growing in the society.
Apart from the marriages of ex-prostitutes into the society and social and legal acceptability, thousands of young men and women are taking out rallies all over the country to spread this message of saying NO TO PROSTITUTION.


Prostitution apart from being a social evil, commodifying women is also responsible for several health diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhoea,etc as also the dreaded AIDS due to the HIV are all due to promiscuity and unhygienic sex, largely due to prostitution.
A leading health analyst Dr. MP Singh, formerly at the AIIMS, observed that unfortunately all HIV prevention till date was largely condom-centric . “Behaviour change ought to have wider connotations than the mere modification of the terminal sex act,” he added, lauding Dera Sacha Sauda’s efforts in this direction.



  • On 25th January 2010, the occasion of the birthday congregation of the previous Saint Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji; Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan solemnized the marriages of 16 emancipated- sex workers with such Dera members called “Bhakt Yodha” (Warrior devotees) who have vowed to eradicate forced prostitution.
  • The marriages were solemnized in front of millions of devotees from all over the world gathered at Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa in Haryana to cheer and be witness of this history in making. Guru ji designated these women as “Shubh Devi” (Angels of Luck), and moreover gave them the honour of being his daughters.
  • Expressing their happiness the families of “Bhakt Yodhas” donated Rs 3.33 lakhs for Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force fund and also pledged to donate their eyes and body after their death. Guru ji showered eternal blessings and Rs 25,000 to each newly wedded couple to start their life with a fresh beginning.
  • Furthermore Guruji’s family members showered Rs 1.25 lakh to these five pairs. 7 pair of suits, shoes and warn clothes etc. were given to “Bhakt Yodhas” and 25 ladies suits, lehnga, warm cloths etc. were given to each ‘Shubh Devis’.
  • Till now, More than 1500 young Dera followers called “Bhakt Yodha” (Warrior devotees) have publicly announced their intentions to marry ex-sex workers.
  • Till now 16 such marriages successfully conducted
  • Over 278 families have come forward to accept them as sister / daughter.
  • 57 families have expressed their intentions to adopt previously born children of rehabilitated sex workers.