May 15, 2013



In the present era, man has made scientific, educational, social and economic progress. Although today, man is benefiting from the miraculous advancements of healthcare, even then, all classes of society are falling prey to exorcism, black magic and superstition. Today false rumors regarding miracle cures by money making opportunists', or misleading predictions like the end of the world in 2012, are rife. The magicians in order to prove themselves as ambassadors of God, often show certain chemical reactions to mislead the gullible. Some pretend mastery in special spells or chants. Infact, these are not miracles but are the chemical reactions which anyone can perform with some training. There are various kinds of tricks, like, chanting to light a fire , touching two unlit candles together to start a fire, making a coconut bleed , to create a picture on blank paper without touching it etc. In the above stated tricks, the chemical reactions are used. By adding glycerin in potassium permanganate, fire is produced, the candles whose threads are dipped in chromic acid and methyl alcohol burn when they come in contact with each other. After injecting ferric chloride in coconut and by cutting it with a knife containing liquid Potassium sulfocyanide, blood like fluid starts oozing. An image formed on blank paper with drops of garlic juice, is not ordinarily visible but if this paper is made warm in sunlight or kept under an electric bulb, then that image becomes visible. Simple chemistry tricks!? Even after so many years of independence, India could not become a developed nation due to its obsession with sorcery and dogmatic superstition. Guruji preaches that we must all shed irrationalism.

Even after passing the 6 decades of freedom India could not become developed nation for it there is need to change man's thinking as well as the drastic chage in every sphere until awareness comes inside ours,no reformation can be expected in this direction.

Enter the New Scientific Age

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan repeatedly insists during the Spiritual Congregations that right actions are needed along with the right knowledge. He encourages his followers to shun hypocrisy and superstitions and develop a scientific temper. Society must come out of the clutches of witch doctors, miracle workers and greedy hypocrites. It is actually an offence against man, country and God himself to engage in such acts. Only after shunning these malpractices, can the country progress.

Man will move from evil path to good path by spiritual progress

Unless we become aware, no reform can be expected in society. Higher spiritual awareness takes us away from sorcery or witchcraft. Man will move away from confusion to the path of goodness only through spiritual progress. Without true spiritual knowledge, emancipation and progress of society are extremely difficult. Merely material progress will never improve the spiritual or happiness quotient. Only through the guidance of True Saints, shall the people learn to live a balanced life. The negative side of man can turn positive and compassion, co-operation and love shall transcend all forms of social divide.