May 5, 2011

Satguru ji cured the eyes within a day

Mr. Parvinder Insan. My both eyes were spoiled by cap. I consulted an eye specialist in Sirsa City. He prescribed me medicine but it did not show any improvement in my eyes. In the Morning when I got up, I experienced a large amount of mucous discharge. I could not open my eyes properly for seven days. One Night Murshid-E-Kamil Shah Satnam Ji Mahraj appeared in my Dream. Majlis was going on and I was sitting in front of Pita Ji. Pita Ji asked me "Beta, what happened to your eyes". I replied, "Pita Ji, I don't know what happened". Then Pitaji called the Sat Brahmchari sevadar standing near Pita Ji and said, "Bring our medicine bag from 'Tera-Vaas'". He brought that bag And Pita Ji said to me to lie down (Majlis was going on). I lay on the ground. Sohane Murshide-E-Kamil stood up from the chair and put a tube in my eyes with HIS holy hands. Next day, when I got up in the morning my eyes were completely healed as there was no problem before. I am very thankful to my God Murshid-E-Kamil Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj for HIS Blessings. May God shower the blessing on all human beings! -- Mr. Parvinder Insan Maths Tuition Centre, Street no.1, Gobind Nagri (Setia Mohalla) Malout, Punjab (152107)