Aug 9, 2017

Satsang, Sewa & Simran are the key necessities of our soul.

Arrogant attitude always fails in terms both Worldliness as well as at Spirituality. After Coming in satsang one realises differences between Right & wrong, what is to be done & what to be avoided.

This is kalyug, so each person find it difficult to stay connected to ramnam, Goodness & Truth, instead they find easy to participate in bad deeds, hence they r always faced with sadness, Trouble& Depression. One can be tension free if gains willpower along with a self confidence, and this willpower & self confidence is only achieved through Sewa & Simran(Method of Meditation). The real meaning of sewa or service is one should start serving from their home by taking care of parents and other older persons who need care. Also where ever people should take care of both the environment & the neighbor society, if any person is ill, hungry or in trouble go and try to feed them, or provide medical treatment or try to heal him by motivation or whatever required to solve his problem, this will count as a greater charity/sewa.

All living being on this earth are the children of almighty, hence if one serves them selflessly, they will surely get infinite happiness & peace of mind.

But people now-a-days avoid charity or social works by putting a lame excuse that they don't get enough time from their busy schedule, whereas the reality is you don't take the social works seriously considering it as an irrelevant task to perform.

A human fails to understand that humanitarian services and ram naam is only counted in Spirituality, but they unable to realize fact and only run for the worldliness & monetary things which you have to leave here only after death.

  Ram naam is always there with a human irrespective of place or time, so if you stay even abroad and facing some problem or trouble, there is God to help you every moment, only you need to call him in right Method, & he will surely listen.

Friendship of worldliness is only possible, if proper understanding is there between two, but God never judges your thoughts or understandings, he only cares for you irrespective of what your thoughts are, hence God is one & only True friend.

God is always with them to protect here in living & after death, but human always forgets his grace because of their connection with just thus material world.

No relationship in this world comes with a selfless motive & they always have their own Interest behind each associated activities in that particular relation.

The desired activities and expectations involved in any relation is the basic duty of ones, like earning for family is not selfishness, it's the basic need of the members involved in.

But if one earning with Dishonesty instead of doing hard work then it would count as selfishness.

One can only differentiate among duty & selfishness while they listen to satsang.

There are many masterminds in this world, who teach to fight & meant only to break unity among a family, but the saint in satsang only meant to bind people unitedly.

Saints are true guide to connect people with Almighty, they teach how one can get success by quitting bad deeds & serving humanity

All living being created by almighty are the children of saints, and he always cares for them, pray for them so that they can get rid of problems and be happy always, and god always listens to prayer of a saint as they never think for oneself & always dedicate His life for selfless services.

Almighty is the master of saint, hence he cares for Saint and his deeds.

If one comes to satsang then listen carefully to saint's Sermons, you may gain infinite only through active listening & by applying it to life and grace of almighty will surely shower on you.

Always be thankful to God, whenever in a group instead of doing bad deed like Condemnation you can talk about almighty & his grace& miracles.

Never talk about your problems before someone who are unable to solve them, instead If you pray the right thing to God then he always listens and make it happen within minutes.

 Not only that if you do Method of meditation on regular basis then God solves the problems before you pray before him, hence try to practice Meditation regularly & give proper time to it.

In today's society humans have become materialistic that they eventually forget the gift they get from Nature, hence becoming ill and unhealthy day by day.

If one wants to become healthy & not want to take medicine for illness, try to adopt curement healing technique by nature.

One must follow a healthy lifestyle& fix routine of early wake-up in morning between 2-5 prayer time, be fresh then go to morning in fresh air and sunlight to gain Vitamin D, take breakfast at 8 a.m, lunch by 1 p.m and then before sunset try to have night meal in between 6.30 p.m to 7.30 p.m to avoid virus & bacteria intake, and sleep early between 8 p.m - 9 p.m and take a proper sleep of 6-7 hours.

One should take care of his health, body, brain &soul by giving some time like 5-10 mins in morning & evening for care your own from your busy schedule, as "Health is wealth".

For example if one remove shoes and do morning walk on bare feet then automatically acupressure is applied and he can become healthier and get rid of many illnesses unknowingly as its the natural ailment cure tips written in "Pavitra Veda", but try to keep eye on ground while walking, as you need to maintain safety too.

Laziness is one of the main causes behind illness, as we do not put ourselves on direct contact of Nature hence become Lazy and hence become ill, hence one should always avoid laziness & be always active to maintain a great health.

In earlier times, Indian culture was so hi-tech, that today's world can't even imagine, there were soundless planes, Atoms were worn n shoulders also they had the capability take back a missile anytime after launching it, this is the true story based on "Indian Mahabharata Kala".

But now-a-days people take it as a storytelling and won't believe its reality, shame to those who forgot about such rich culture of our own country.

Foreigners became successful of their motive as they always wanted that Indians forget their culture, as else Indians will never accept to the Slavery rules applied by them, hence they destroyed the Pavitra veda which is written 1000 years before - the rich holy novels who are proof of our culture & science of our Ritual, at Nalanda university. As they clearly knew if we gain that knowledge then we can achieve greater success, become rich in culture than they even imagine. Hence, now we forgot all, and slowly accepted their invisible law of slavery. But we can again become rich if we accept the rich culture of our country by breaking the chain of slavery applied by Foreigners.

Guru is representative of that rich culture, ritual & religion. Hence always listen to guru as he himself guides by applying his teaching from his own practical life, if you walk on the path of his teaching then you will surely achieve God (Ram).

Everything lies within a human being, if you want to gain it then practice guru mantra to achieve the power from within.

Practice Guru mantra - the words for calling almighty to visualize the Supernatural sights within & get salvation, then all your troubles, problems will be solved from the core and you can be capable of gaining the infinite blessings/happiness from God.