May 15, 2013


Making Self Dependent

It is well known that women are the most important unit in society because the family cannot exist without a stable mother and the child unit. So, it would not be wrong to say that the woman is the fulcrum of the entire family, and is the base and foundation of the society itself. Therefore Guruji has placed a special emphasis on their employment training activities and centres have been established to teach them stitching, embroidery and impart other vocational skills like that of a beautician etc. Special female staff is employed to train them. As per demand, embroidery, stitching, painting, knitting etc. are taught to them and stopping not at that, even the machines are also given to them free of cost; so that after learning, their talent is immediately given an opportunity to become productive. These centres have proved to be a major boon in the upliftment of poverty by enabling women to emancipate themselves.