May 14, 2013


Character Building

Thousands of students and sportsmen in the educational institutions run by Ashram are achieving great success by remaining celibate until marriage

A person is recognized by his character. A person with good character becomes respectable in the eyes of society even he is poor. But a rich person with loose character is looked down upon by society .Thus to become character less is such a curse which makes a rich person very poor. There is a saying

If Money is lost, nothing is lost If Health is lost, something is lost; And If character is lost, everything is lost.

Thus character is declared as invaluable asset. It is important for a person to be careful about this asset. Guruji is inspiring people to have a strong moral character. For this with social need, Guruji has started a perfect campaign. Under this campaign, Guruji awakens the children as well as old. Particularly for youngsters, Guruji inspires them to maintain Bramcharya (Celibacy) that makes them energetic. In the educational institutes established by Dera, thousands of students and players by following the path of Bramcharya, have become great achievers. In short, today Guru Ji is the greatest engineer "“ on who undertakes character building. Millions of people pledge to bear good character during Guruji spiritual programs. That is why after taking the pledge to be moral and restrained, shunning bad habits and liquor, Guruji teaches the free method of meditation to them. People are taught to spend a life full of values, principles and righteous action. By following this divine path of Guruji, millions of people have become worthy of respect. Thus, this great work of Guruji is a unique example is society in the field of character building.