May 9, 2013


Social amalgamation of the intersex communities

Guruji has given them a new name of Sukh Dua Samaj , i.e. the community that seeks well being and prays for the welfare of others. This was traditionally their role in society which subsequently degenerated. Guruji inspires people not to desert such children that are born with such defects, but if they feel compelled , the Dera is ready to accept them. The intersex children in India are forced to join vagrant eunuch communities because of their non acceptance by society. But belonging to the so called 'Third Sex' is no crime. Why should they be denied opportunities for education and progress? Why can't they be treated as equal citizens? On 14thNovember, 2009, Guruji announced a historic move to help them. Instead of vagrancy and neglect, these children would be given free boarding facilities and education. They would be protected from any kind of harassment and given accommodation in the Ashram premises. Guruji requested the intersex community that for the children to prosper, they would have to give up the habit of begging for alms. Guruji said that these children are a ray of hope for the country. While those who claim to be 'men' are wallowing in corruption to create assets for their kids, the intersex would have no such distractions. Therefore, they could study and rise up to become officers who would be able to weed out corruption. Since they are sterile, they will not have any greed to garner money by corrupt means.